Liu Qi met with China Merchants Group guest – Jiangxi Channel –

Liu Qi met with China Merchants Group guest – Jiangxi Channel – September 29th, governor Liu Qi met with the chairman and President of China Merchants Group, double single Xiang in Nanchang. Mao Weiming, member of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee and vice governor of Hunan Province, attended the meeting. Liu Qi briefed the guests on Jiangxi this year’s economic and social development and promote the construction of the new situation of Ganjiang river. He said, Jiangxi is vigorously develop modern service industry, especially the New District of Ganjiang River is focusing on the financial industry as a special highlight to build; through the development of modern service industry, to guide, promote and enhance the manufacturing industry to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, development has great potential and broad prospects. China Merchants Group is the first institution to carry out equity investment in our province, and hopes to continue to open up new investment areas and expand new cooperation space in Jiangxi province. We will do our best to provide high quality services for the cooperation between the two sides. Dan Xiangshuang introduced the China Merchants Group in the development of domestic and international business, said the development potential and prospects of Jiangxi, is willing to play a business advantage, promote the transformation and upgrading of Jiangxi traditional Chinese medicine, aviation, tourism and cultural innovation and entrepreneurship education and other industries, to achieve both more extensive and in-depth cooperation, promote common development. (reporter Li Dongming) (Jun Qiu Ye, commissioning editor: handsome)

刘奇会见中科招商集团客人–江西频道–人民网 9月29日,省长刘奇在南昌会见了中科招商集团董事长兼总裁单祥双一行。 省委常委、常务副省长毛伟明参加会见。 刘奇向客人简要介绍了江西今年以来经济社会发展和推进赣江新区建设等情况。他说,江西正大力发展现代服务业,特别是赣江新区正着力将金融产业作为特色亮点来打造;通过现代服务业的发展,来引领、带动和提升制造业加快转型升级,发展潜力巨大、前景广阔。中科招商集团是最早在我省开展股权投资业务的机构,希望继续在赣开辟投资新领域、拓展合作新空间。我们将全力以赴为双方的合作发展提供优质服务。 单祥双介绍了中科招商集团在国内外业务的发展情况,表示看好江西的发展潜力和前景,愿发挥企业优势,推动江西中医药、航空、文化旅游及创新创业教育等产业转型升级,实现双方更为广泛和深入的合作,促进共同发展。(记者李冬明) (责编:帅筠、邱烨)相关的主题文章: