Listed in October to launch a new round of popular strength inventory, a lot worth buying – Sohu ca1806

October listing of new inventory, a lot of hot strength to buy auto Sohu – the traditional "golden nine silver ten" really is the automotive industry’s Carnival, not only sales call, even the new car market are a record high, such as the September new listing reached number 60, and in October is still continuing, a lot of continuous heavy vehicle in October the "landing", then Xiaobian comments about several new models listed in mid October. Dongfeng Citroen C6 price range: 18.99-27.99 million Citroen C6 is Dongfeng Citroen’s new flagship sedan, Citroen’s new family face the appearance, double "U" type taillights band has very high recognition, the interior is simple, texture prominent configuration is also more prominent. As the car, Dongfeng Citroen products of good performance, but in the face of many strong competitors, such as Volkswagen, Japanese planes and three Lacrosse models, its brand influence is deficient, coupled with the price no distance, Dongfeng snow iron C6 late in the performance of the market is not so optimistic. SAIC Volkswagen rally price range: 34.90-65.90 million as SAIC Volkswagen’s new large and medium cars, Hui ang body size and wheelbase are the same level with the domestic C class car. The exterior and interior are a popular family style, configuration and production processes are the highest standards of the Volkswagen brand cars, especially rich configuration, get the public flagship of this title, the overall performance can be said to have a little taste of phaeton. Although the Hui ang products strong, but compared to the domestic C class car market dominated by ABB, the brand strength and shortage, and behind the ABB and Volvo, Cadillac, Lexus, Jaguar and other second tier luxury brand, has been in the layout of the market, Hui ang environment market next is not optimistic. GAC trumpchi GS8 price range: 16.38-25.98 million yuan as the GAC trumpchi brand flagship SUV models, GAC trumpchi GS8 and previously listed GA8 using the same platform to build, and shouldering the GAC trumpchi into the medium-sized SUV market. In the design, trumpchi GS8 hardcore masculine, encircling the cabin and technology configuration than in line with the current consumer preferences, the 7 seat layout also has very strong practicability, coupled with good dynamic and relatively affordable prices, these bright spots are both helpful for the models with the same level in the competition. Dongfeng popular S500 price range: it is the force of 5.99-9.99 million yuan Dongfeng brand this year in the 7 domestic car market, the popularity of S500 is a 7 seat home MPV, since last year after listing, the market reflects the appearance of good performance, basically get rid of "micro" shape, have a certain sense of high-grade and new car; upgrade in the configuration, to further improve the cost-effective; plus at the same level is generally higher than the warranty period (5 years or 100 thousand km), the new popular S500 is good choice for home. Weichai British induced G5 price range: 6.98-9)相关的主题文章: