Lin Miaoke when I was a kid, I didn’t have the Olympics-kairui

Lin Miaoke: when I was young, I have no more lovely Olympic Sina entertainment news a lot of people on the Lin Miaoke impression is still stuck in 2008, the Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony the pigtails red dress is Lolita, head and face serious Ode to the motherland, at that moment, she became the spokesman for a little Chinese. Time inadvertently slipped away, now Lin Miaoke has been a large number of high school girl, eight years appeared in TV dramas, movies, advertising, television programs have 100, a recent work is the upcoming war blockbuster "warrior". She claimed to be a lucky man, if there is no Olympic Games, there will be no me today, I may not choose the road." The front of the camera can be wonderful is still a childish little girl, although for the propaganda film carefully do slightly mature style, but the facial features and the words still inexperienced and naive. During the interview, her mother was accompanied by a few paces. When it comes to the future, she is optimistic and laughed and said, "look to it", "let it be", it seems that not a lot of senior high school students’ anxiety and loss, there is no star baggage. Lin Miaoke was born in an ordinary family, from urinating on the road of literature and art, the actual choice of all her own interests. She has done a good job to apply for art colleges and universities, but which is a school which is a professional, you need to think about it. She revealed that she was very fond of acting and will continue to study hard in the future. As a "warrior" in this man’s only little sister, the family are very concerned about the care of her family, she was afraid of cold feet, Nie Yuan [micro-blog] also gave her a pair of sandals. Had a lot of contact within the circle of my brother and sister Miaoke asked little meat in the love who, Yang Yang blurted out "[micro-blog]!" Instantly, spoony girl image possessed! Lin Miaoke Sina entertainment: in the "warrior" you played a homeless child, stylist is how to help you dress up? Can you accept a form? Lin Miaoke: the average girl will care about their appearance, because the story needs, the play needs, so I think it does not matter. When will burst into my face on earth, every day is "SPA" you know, they developed a method with moisturizing cream and foundation mixed together, every day I painted hand painted painted what the knee foot. Sina entertainment: your age is far away from the Red Army, how to find the feeling of that era? Have you consulted the elders? Lin Miaoke: because it was directly after the period of time, I have been informed of the time has been more than a month, there is no time to think more. More is the director to chat with me, and then guide me. Sina entertainment: you are the only one in the crew of a little girl, you have to take care of you? Lin Miaoke: Yes, I look like Nie Yuan brother’s shoes are broken, the foot is cool, gave me a pair of plastic boots, is this (ankle). Sina entertainment: you have appeared in movies, TV, advertisement for many times, think the show is funny? Do you think you have a talent for acting? Lin Miaoke: I like acting, I will work hard相关的主题文章: