Lillard I’m not KD I just won’t go to Baotuan

Lillard: I’m not KD I just won’t go to the shelling of Durant in the summer to join together beyond all expectations "super team" Jinzhou warriors, pioneer star Lillard also talked about this before on this matter, he said he would not make such a choice. Beijing time on October 14th, "the Jim show" Rome’s game, he was before his remarks were clarified, saying that he was not in the shelling is only KD, express their attitude. "I have a lot of respect for Durant. In fact, I’m a fan of him as a basketball player. But a lot of people think I was talking about him, but I didn’t, "Lillard said. "What I said before is to express my attitude, not for anyone else. I just said I’m not going to hold together and super star, or join a Jinzhou warrior and a level of the team, this is not I can do things out. All of the league’s goal is to win, if someone wants to join the team to win, that’s no problem, this is entirely consistent with the rules, we do not have the right to join because of who they want to join the team’s anger not yet appeased. But what I want to say is that I would rather stay in my team and I want to help my team grow into a champion team." As the occupation player, especially those star players, they have every word and action the glare of the spotlight, but many times they would often be media exaggeration or distortion. When asked whether this situation will affect their future words and deeds, the pioneers of the Wei Wei said not. "I will always express my feelings and thoughts," said Lillard. "If my answer to some questions would be misinterpreted, I would stand up and explain things, and that’s what I did." Lillard added that as long as people are willing to ask the truth, he can stand up at any time to explain. But in this case, Lillard also expressed his attitude: "I think this is indeed a problem in the sports industry, sometimes they can’t express their true thoughts, or when they express their thoughts and attitudes about certain things, it may even become the issue. People will think they shouldn’t say that, it feels like they just want an ambiguous answer, you know what I mean. The words of the athletes are rarely restored, because each time they are misinterpreted or changed into something else. But I really don’t care." Last season, Lillard led the Blazers are not optimistic about the success of the second round of the playoffs, their goal is the new season at least with the previous year. (+ sports reporter Kong Dexin reports) more exciting, please pay attention to sports +APP相关的主题文章: