Life’s first Halloween intensive care baby turned superhero pgd-426

The life of the first Halloween intensive care baby turned super hero is a foreigner’s Halloween, often can see foreigners wearing uniforms cos super hero. A hospital in Kansas City, a small baby was born not long wearing superhero clothes. But they are not to sell adorable play, but for the greater goal — the United States of Missouri beat Kansas City, St. Luke’s Hospital (St Luke’s Hospital) NICU, neonatal intensive care, 35 premature baby a few days ago here spent the first Halloween in their lifetime, a very unusual halloween. Hospital care workers and volunteers took the scissors cloth, for the 35 premature baby made ultra small super hero uniforms, super power injection for babies to overcome the disease. Captain America, Batman, Superman, wonder woman, the local baseball team, and a pair of butterfly wings, these efforts ahead of the inspirational idol uniforms, wear on the premature baby’s body, everyone turned into super baby!   small uniforms are super small, pure handmade, adorable baby is not to wear their uniforms like the Meng, super powers, fighting for their lives! Uniforms are selected by their parents. This dress is the shield of Captain America William (William Behnke). Mom and dad called the little guy "Warrior William", warrior William, because the little guy is a never give up little fighter. In August 15th this year, William’s mother Jennifer (Jennifer Behnke) just 25 weeks pregnant early produce him, when you were born, the little guy is only 1 pounds 1 ounces (481 grams) weight. After 10 weeks of treatment, the little boy grew up a lot, a lot of health, and now has a total of 4 pounds, 11 ounces (2.1 kg) weight. Mom and dad also accompany his son on the bed of the captain of the u.s.. Volunteer and photographer Helen (Helen Ransom) said that parents see the baby’s clothing, all at once, as if in this difficult years, and finally see the hope. "When you 16 hours a day at the time of NICU, you don’t know or care what happened outside" William’s mother said, "so while still in the hospital, but William can accompany our little fighter together had his first Halloween, no better than this." Another Carli, Carly (Neider), said, "these small uniforms make me feel like life is back to normal. Because if the baby is a normal healthy baby, she will be like other children, happy to put on Halloween suits, sugar trick." Hospital spokesman Michel (Michelle Manuel), said the premature baby wearing a superhero uniform of the idea, is the u.s.. "We want Halloween to be the first milestone in the lives of children, so that they can be positive and optimistic about their future," said NICU!相关的主题文章: