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Life tips: long wisdom really need pull out? According to legend, in ancient times there was a king, young king, nearly adult, long teeth, all the pain, the emperor daughter, asked master Ji guy. One must take the horse slipped Zhichen played said: "this phase also is Homo sapiens." Hence the name opsigenes. Long wisdom teeth is painful, along with the development of modern medicine, wisdom tooth extraction has become the common choice of all. Also, if you go to the dentist, ten doctors and nine will advise you to unplug the tooth". So long, really need to pull off the teeth? They really need to pull out? Generally speaking, they rarely grow well. What does it mean to be poor? Either is not long, or is not long. Not long out of gum will wrap the molars, problems caused by inflammation of the gums, bad breath. Not long, refers not to the attitude of normal tooth teeth grow, it is likely to tilt, the normal teeth resisted, the consequences will be grievous. As long as it is not good, usually about half a year or so, it will be inflammation, and the duration of the time until you pull out. Under normal circumstances, the normal growth of the teeth should be kept as far as possible, can not be removed. Especially have growth years of wisdom. Only the emergence of abnormal growth of a variety of clinical symptoms, it is necessary to remove. Must be taken before dental removal is advised, to determine whether the abnormal growth of teeth. Inflammation of the teeth are not to be removed. As long as the inflammation disappeared, no recurrence, can not pull. If you plan to unplug the tooth, must find a professional dentist. The following circumstances should retain the teeth: 1 position is expected to have a normal, adorable. 2 weeks without wisdom tooth soft tissue inflammation and pain history, no teeth caries. 3 of the teeth teeth. How to alleviate the pain of dental teeth long growth more or less will lead to pain, but the pain severity should be according to the following It differs from man to man., according to the method in life, relieve the pain caused by the growth of teeth. The brine can be used instead of a toothbrush and some teeth growth, cause inflammation, hair pus symptoms, there will be bloody extrusion press. This time is not suitable for the use of toothpaste, you can directly gargle with salt water, salt water has a direct bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect, can be appropriate to alleviate the suffering of patients. With ice or ice with hot compress and hot compress, belong to physical therapy. With ice, can make the pain in the local tissue numb, and then play the role of temporary pain. The hot compress can get a hot towel for pain in the back massage, hot compress, so can accelerate the blood circulation system, and play the effect of pain relief. Light diet, liquid light diet, can reduce the risk of gingival inflammation, hair pus, and some in fruits and vegetables will have detoxification effect, can alleviate the symptoms of pain. A lot of people will help with severe pain in the teeth growth, liquid food can help them to eat, will not cause pain. Keep your teeth clean when brushing teeth to brush position, reduce food residue in the teeth, the teeth caused by residual bacteria.相关的主题文章: