Life is but a

The world: life is only in the breath of life only in the breath between Shakya Muni Buddha asked his disciples: "how long is life?" Some people say: "fifty years." "No!" "Forty years!" "Thirty years!" Buddha shook his head and said: "the wrong." The disciples were very puzzled and asked, "how long is life?"" The Buddha smiled, pointing to his nose and said: "life is only in the breath." People are changing every moment, breathing, you are not just you. All the past is just to bring us to the present, and all future depends on what we think and do now. Therefore, for life, we should grasp the present, live in the present. "Living in the moment" is a kind of Zen Buddhism outlook on life, it tells us that life is short, to put aside the troubles of the past, abandon future worries, put all the energy for this moment in front of the bear. There is no moment to lose the moment, can not cherish the present, can not cherish this life, can not embrace the present, it can not embrace the future.相关的主题文章: