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Life and death rescue in Chongqing Yongchuan coal mine gas explosion accident disposal site in Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Chongqing – 1 November Xinhua (reporter Zhou Kai, Zhao Yufei) October 31st at noon at about 11:30, Chongqing city Yongchuan District Su Zhen Jin Shan Gou coal mine gas explosion occurred. According to preliminary understanding, the number of wells on the day of the mine 35 people, up to the well of the people, trapped underground 33 people, 2 people. At present, repeated verification by the scene, the accident emergency response headquarters confirmed that the bodies of 13 victims have been found. Workers life as Taishan, after the accident, a life and death rescue immediately launched. 31 23:30, Jinshan coal mine lights, dozens of medical, fire, emergency vehicles parked at the wellhead, the engineering vehicle has been transported to air and other rescue equipment, hundreds of professional rescue personnel have carried out rescue batches into wells. Rescue scene of a medical staff, Yongchuan District, all public hospitals have sent a medical rescue team, a total of more than and 20 ambulances, received about half an hour after the accident news to the scene. Was a coming out of the wells of the aid workers are ash, sweating, "wells internal explosion of large area collapse, we found some of the victims, will try to rescue workers trapped!" He hurried to reporters, finishing the equipment immediately, ready to go down again. Emergency response headquarters on the scene, the gas explosion is quite serious, wellhead three huge charging cabinets have been knocked down to the ground. To Shiniu village Su Zhen 4 groups of villagers Tao Puzhang was about 500 meters away from the coal mine field to do farm work, suddenly heard a bang a loud noise, like a bomb exploded, the ground shook, then saw a cloud of smoke rushed to tens of meters high heaven. Winchman Liu Fuxiu is a female worker in Jinshan coal mine, the accident occurred when she was 40 meters from the wellhead, the violent explosion after a strong shock wave will lift its five or six meters, brow, face, waist and other multiple injuries. She was sent to the hospital after a simple dressing, and soon returned to the hospital with the police investigation. "This isn’t what I, one of my relatives in the well, I hope he can successfully rescued All is well!" She sobbed. After the accident, the Chongqing municipal government responsible person immediately rushed to the scene directing rescue. According to reports, under the command of emergency rescue, medical treatment, logistics and other 8 professional groups, has mobilized Yong Rong company, Tianfu company and other 4 companies a total of 89 professional coal mine rescue personnel, fire officers and soldiers more than and 200 people, rescue workers a total of 349 people. Rescue workers have been divided into three batches of well under investigation rescue. On the one hand, the rescue team is actively preparing for search and rescue equipment, on the one hand to clean up the roadway, the discharge of toxic gases, a comprehensive search and rescue trapped people. Headquarters has set up a special family to appease the group, to appease the families of trapped workers. Headquarters said that as long as there is a glimmer of hope, it is necessary to invest 100 times efforts to rescue the trapped people. As of press reporters at 1 in the morning, hundreds of rescue workers are still fighting, many people eagerly look forward to the workers at the wellhead message of life.相关的主题文章: