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Chinese Libo International Animation Festival: children hand in hand to draw together at the end of "Florida" according to North American Economic Herald reported on September 17th, 2016 Chinese Libo International Children’s animation and emerald International Children’s cartoon contest, held in August in Libo China, this is currently the only Chinese to children as the theme, the brigade combined with large-scale international cultural exchange activities. Fan Xinlin was invited to be the judge of the contest and the international children’s animation camp teacher. This activity "happy children’s animation, Libo" as the theme, to discover and cultivate artistic talents with the next generation for the purpose of the emerald cartoon series, international children’s animation exhibition, International Animation Forum, international animation master family workshop, international animation creative industry seminar, international children’s summer camp, Cosplay animation show and other activities, highlight the characteristics of parent-child interaction and family animation. The Organizing Committee of Libo International Children’s Animation Festival has collected more than 4 thousand entries from all over the world in 71 countries and regions, including the number of entries for the children and the number of entries for the children’s works, which are listed in the following 450 works. The global contest for the emerald by artists on children’s theme works, fully embodies the international artists of the next generation of love, have the ideal and hope. At the same time, in the event of a large hand holding hands, so that the children to participate in the activities of the international animation master and face to face communication and exchange. They feel the charm of the art exhibition show, master through forums, workshops and other activities, to obtain the master’s instructions, to participate in artistic creation. The international children’s cartoon summer camp first in Libo opened the first start of seasonal flowers, Chinese Libo International Children’s Animation Festival prelude. The first batch of students from all over the country children attended the opening ceremony. China Libo International Children’s animation art festival and emerald contest organizing committee secretary general Wang Liuyi said, to welcome the arrival of children, the international children’s cartoon summer camp will broaden their horizons, their animation masters and artists at home and abroad under the guidance of the spirit will inspire creative sense and imagination, the future of the artist will produce in them. The final selection of Adult Animation Contest group, comic group 1 gold medals, 2 silver medals, 2 bronze, excellence award number. Cartoon children’s Award for outstanding works of 5, to encourage the award of 30. To share with you the world of children in the form of comics and artists. (Fan Xinlin art studio feeds for map) International Children’s cartoon summer camp in Libo beautiful flowers park four seasons opening teaching multimedia international cultural association secretary general Wang Liuyi (left 2), painter Fan Xinlin (left 3) and part of the contest judges.相关的主题文章: