Li Xunlei in the near future, will complain that the real hard!

Li Xunlei: in the near future, will complain that the real hard! Source: WeChat public lixunlei0722 Abstract: there are many things in the world that you think is the truth, may be wrong. A lot of ideas will change with the endless extension of time. Before 2000, China is in the commodity era, shopping is widely accepted concept of value, saving is the main means of financial management. After 2000, with the rise of the real estate industry, shopping value and the concept of saving money is broken. In the past, people always think made more money, on inflation; today, inflation has become the Western luxury goods, because of overcapacity, the global industrial transfer and reduce trade cost, makes a lot of tradable goods prices down not up. The rise in the price of capital goods. In the past, the two major concerns of the financial authorities are inflation and unemployment, which is based on the Phillips curve to determine the strength of monetary policy and fiscal policy. Today, the asset bubble has become the biggest threat to the financial system, although the regulatory authorities can not be caused by the spread of money and inflation is not happy, but it is difficult to get rid of the economic reality of the virtual entanglement. Today, we are complaining about the purchase difficult to buy a house to draw, or even by playing the game to determine who wins the house. I believe that in the near future, we will complain that the real hard. Just like last year’s stock market crash, often a large area limit, and finally had to ask the state-owned enterprises do not sell the stock, the stock holdings of listed companies, brokerage stocks after buying not throw. The liquidity of the property market is far worse than the stock market, when the real difficulty will be harder than throwing stocks. Therefore, when we talk about how the concept of the past has been subverted, we must think about what you think will not change today, the future will also be subverted. Sometimes, the old and new ideas, alternately in the twinkling of an eye, such as last year’s financial market is still talking about innovation, this year’s Innovation Conference held no longer, supervision and risk prevention has become a consensus. In the first quarter of this year, the central bank also lowered the proportion of down payment in the property market, to the three quarter began to purchase and improve the proportion of down payment. Changes in the concept of economic and financial fields, the old concept is broken or even subversion, mostly through liquidity changes to achieve. If the word "liquidity" is too academic, can remember that Marx said "from quantitative to qualitative change". Of course, this is not only refers to the amount of money flow, but also the population flow, cargo flow and information flow, the flow of these four is my definition of liquidity. Such as the money flow so that the total market value of Chinese real estate to become the world’s highest population flow; let China become the world’s manufacturing superpower; let Chinese goods flow has become a global trade superpower; information flow makes BAT, Hangzhou is expected to become the first-tier cities, in the future, the new economic growth momentum China should come from the information flow. The idea will be extended over time and change the title of the inevitable some arbitrary, and all the ideas will be broken? In view of the fact that this is not a rigorous academic papers, so, with a little bit of emotion anyway, just want to emphasize: the world has a lot of things do you think is the truth, may be false. A lot of ideas, with the endless extension of time to change or be subverted. For example, Chinese ancestors have been recognized相关的主题文章: