Li Jiacheng then throw 20 billion of the assets of the mainland to sell real estate projects in Shan-pullip

Li Jiacheng then throw 20 billion of the assets of the mainland to sell real estate projects in Shanghai this year has just completed the Shanghai Century Plaza, eventually sold by Li Jiacheng. Yesterday evening (October 26th), the Yangtze River industrial estate company announced that Li Jiacheng and overseas fund will be 20 billion yuan to the price sold in common with both sides of the Shanghai Century Plaza all rights, both parties on the date of sale and purchase agreement. Cheung Kong Real Estate Board said that the sale of items that the company can now become target group and property investment. This means that although Li Jiacheng return to the property market in Hongkong, recently invested 1 billion 900 million Hong Kong dollars to get. But he didn’t have any change on the mainland property market bearish trend. According surging news reports, Century Holdings in Lujiazui exchange project is the last landmark project, the project is located in Pudong New Area Weifang Road, No. 179, 2004 and older in the open market auction proceeds, plots the location of Shanghai is currently only four lines between commercial strongholds, crowded. Century Square, a total construction area of about 360 thousand square meters, of which the office building area of 130 thousand square meters, shopping malls construction area of 140 thousand square meters. The project has been completed, is being renovated. In 2015, Cheung said, given the location of the project, the project as a self-sustaining. But in less than 1 years, Li Jiacheng once again sold the property is regarded as an excellent location. Cheung Kong Real Estate Board said that the sale of items that the company can liquidate their investment in the target group and property. Cheung Kong real estate board expects the transaction group will be recorded about the unaudited profit of HK $6 billion 220 million (about 5 billion 430 million yuan) to sell items of the net proceeds for general working capital purposes. In fact, the commercial property market in Shanghai, the news is not surprising. As early as last year, the news about Li Jiacheng’s plan to sell the 21st century square has spread. According to reports, the buyer is a special set up for the acquisition of Special Purpose Company, will be managed by the ARA Management Asset Limited. The buyer’s parent company by a strong insurance company holds a majority stake, the market news refers to the buyer or the China Life Insurance company. In March this year, the performance of the Department and long, Li Jiacheng repeatedly stressed that, to date, I have not sold a piece of open space in the mainland". The latest results from the point of view, Li Jiacheng’s deal probably reached its expected psychological price. If from the perspective of return on investment, real estate is not benefit. 2004, Li Jiacheng and Huang won the Century Plaza where the plot, the floor price of 12000 yuan per square meter. It is necessary to point out that participate in the transaction accln Asset Management Co (ARA Asset Management Limited) and Li Jiacheng is an old acquaintance. According to the views of the real estate new media reports, 2002, when U.S. private GRA executive director Lin Huizhang Li Jiacheng’s advice to entrepreneurs, and Cheung Kong 70%:30% stake jointly funded the establishment of a Asset Management Co Lei相关的主题文章: