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Li Chen: Bing Bing secretly like the little girl love pink not squeamish Sina entertainment news recorded Xingyue sifanghua, Li Chen [micro-blog] to host Wang Jiangyue said this is the only time the depth of his chat show nearly two years to do. Programs about the drama "Goodfellas" aired, Li Chen conceal his excitement, said four years to make this play will meet with the audience, almost exhausted the force. And when it comes to his girlfriend Fan Bingbing [micro-blog] support for this drama, Li Chen heartfelt thanks, she has been in a variety of ways to support me". When Wang Jiangyue asked him to get along with Fan Bingbing, said that they are very much like the personality of each other, very understanding of each other, the cost of communication is very low, do not need to teach each other how to do. Quick to ask questions in the program, in the face of favorite actress, Li Chen immediately answer: Fan Bingbing". "Privately, Bing Bing is like a little girl" informed "Goodfellas" in Beijing satellite TV broadcast news, Fan Bingbing first time in micro-blog for her boyfriend Li Chen cheer, count him in the filming process is not easy and insist on. And Li Chen shouted: "now you can’t go home, because there are people waiting for your family!" Li Chen also talked about the story behind this micro-blog, when the original micro-blog hair when he did not know, especially busy on the day of work, until second days to see Bing Bing. Later, Bing Bing called, said Bing Bing wrote these words is not just for publicity, more is to say something to say. For Li Chen and Fan Bingbing, their support and encouragement are mutual. Li Chen recorded this program on the same day, Fan Bingbing was born in Spain coincides with the Sebastian Film Festival Best Actress crown. Li Chen also sent micro-blog congratulations, saying it was the best birthday present. Not only that, in September 16th Fan Bingbing’s birthday, Li Chen also made a special trip to Spain for his girlfriend’s birthday. Although the layout of the restaurant is simple, the cake is not gorgeous, but the gift is absolutely sincere. Li Chen said that although there is no "Pan Jinlian" I’m not seen this movie, but as a part of this certainty, there is a sincere movie. At the same time also mentioned a footage, premiered in Toronto, in the movie there is a scene where he called Bing Bing a sister…… The cinema is hilarious, may know their relationship in life. Speaking of Bing Bing in the shape of the film, Li Chen also reminds me of a story. "In this play, Bing Bing often told me that there was no one in the street to know her. Once she was asked, did you see Fan Bingbing? Where is Fan Bingbing filming? She said in front, and then the man walked past her." Speaking of these, Li Chen could not help laughing. Another time, Bing Bing in the film "Li Xuelian" I’m not as propaganda, I went to visit the set, I was he just attended an event, makeup. See Bing Bing disguised as a drama appearance, I grabbed her take photo. Thinking in mind: who said that with Fan Bingbing suffer a loss, I do not think. When the film is on, I’ll send it out." Haha, really looking forward to this photo, fill in the brain. In the eyes of others is a powerful gas field Fan Ye, in the eyes of Li Chen is what.相关的主题文章: