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Li Bing: Chongchao 3 key reasons to let the team down forward – Sohu sports Xinhua Guiyang November 3rd sports news (reporter Luo Yu) Guizhou Hengfeng Chongchao has time, coach Li Bing is still busy. The Guizhou man, told reporters in the mail interview, the club’s goal is to let the team forward in Chinese football on the territory of one step down. With the League second place, Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng to go over the right to health in Tianjin. And in the first season, the team was ranked fourth, relegation success. And the right to health in the Tianjin giants, Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng foundation is weak, the team avoid relegation is the most realistic and most basic goal. "The whole team has not done anything in the preparation, but also never mentioned planning better goals. At the beginning of the year, the preparatory work is around to avoid relegation." Li Bing said, while the realization of the punch, it is naturally occurring in the course of the game magic results". Start to the season, Hengfeng Zhicheng three 1 flat 2 negative. Since then the club quickly make personnel adjustments, "hill brother" Li Bing served as the team coach, and led the team away from home victory over Hunan Xiang Tao began to show a dark horse, 10 consecutive unbeaten, while it is played a seven game winning streak. The second half of next season, although the team in the white hot stage Chongchao has lost to Wuhan and Dalian zall party, but in the end to take the key right to health in Tianjin and Xinjiang after two tough snow leopard is also logical to qualify for. Li Bing said, in the course of the season, the team encountered so many different types of difficulties, and the key to victory, one is united, two is through continuous victory prompted the team’s confidence increased, three is the unified team tactics, the greatest degree to the details of the deal and perfect. Of course, Chongchao success, Hengfeng Zhicheng difficulties will only increase, in order to survive in the competition and thus each team is not easy, there are a lot of work needs to be done. Next, we will according to the actual situation of the club, to formulate the future sustainable development of healthy and steady working target, make the team in China football on the territory of one step at a time, go forward." Li Bing said.相关的主题文章: