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Lenovo mobile phone has been adjusted in advance opportunity: Moto+ China is the primary problem of Sohu – Science and technology article one observation Art (WeChat public number: guancha01) after a lapse of 17 months, lenovo mobile phone business coaching again. Lenovo Group chairman of the board and CEO Yang Yuanqing issued a public letter announced that the original Lenovo Group Human Resources Director Qiao Jian will replace Chen Xudong as China, Lenovo Mobile business person in charge, the mobile business group co president. Chen Xudong will take over the upcoming retirement of Wang Xiaoyan, senior vice president of Lenovo Group, responsible for global service business, reported to Lenovo Group President and COO. At the same time, Yang Yuanqing also confirmed that Lenovo Mobile phone business is another major change: the future of Moto will become Lenovo’s only mobile phone brand. This also means that there are 14 years and zero months (Lenovo Mobile was founded in April 2002) in the history of lenovo mobile phone brand will gradually launch the market in 7. ZUK brand will become Moto’s 1500-2000 yuan or so a product line, such as the next phone name may be called Moto ZUK Z3, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S7. This is the largest mobile phone business so far adjusted lenovo. Brand strategy adjustment: this can be started early in the same period in November 3rd, Lenovo announced second quarter earnings report, smart phone shipments and revenue continued to decline, down by 28% and 10%, respectively. Personal computers and smart devices business revenue fell 8%. The good side is that, including Lenovo Mobile phone business in the fundamentals of the overseas market is still relatively stable, the chain of mobile phone business profit margins, the average price compared to the previous quarter have rebounded significantly. However, Lenovo’s mobile phone business in China is still clear. For the current lenovo mobile phone business, must concentrate all forces to complete a single point of breakthrough, the Spartans indomitable offensive phalanx, and the three line is clearly in the dispersed Lenovo need to gather strength and resources. This is also the choice of Yang Yuanqing "the root cause, despite the difficult arm. In fact, Chen Xudong took office shortly after the adjustment in August 2015 the idea had "euphemism" that "all the magic factory outside the Lenovo Mobile business will be incorporated into Motorola". One observation was originally interpreted as Lenovo Mobile phone business will gradually weaken the Lenovo brand, highlighting the high-end market Moto, online brand prominent ZUK. But then aroused the old Lenovo’s fierce opposition, apparently beyond the expectations of Chen Xudong and Yuan qing. 15 months after the back of this bureau, lament. Chen Xudong: in the name of loyalty, not bear bile for Chen Xudong, the past 17 months, perhaps 23 years of occupation career Lenovo faced a biggest challenge. Stepped forward alone, perhaps unfinished, but also not negative soldiers in the name of Zhong dan. In fact, Chen Xudong is the best reputation in the media association executives, relatively young, easy to communicate, understand their own product strengths and weaknesses, and no shelf. 2009 in association with the first generation of music P.相关的主题文章: