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Lei Jun: consumers misunderstanding of many people hope that we do not rely on Millet 5S can stop bleeding? Millet new conference in the fall of a number of "black technology" body millet company chairman and founder Lei Jun announced in Beijing the millet and millet 5S 5S Plus. Surging news reporter Yang Xinjie figure "consumers of our misunderstanding, we do not want our black", "I hope everyone to feel delicate and real store millet"…… In the millet mobile phone sales performance than previous background, Lei hope to get the attention of consumers. In September 27th, millet company chairman and founder Lei Jun announced in Beijing millet 5 upgraded version of millet and millet 5S 5S Plus. Millet 5S biggest bright spot is to change the general fingerprint recognition, millet lasted 2 years developed a hole free ultrasonic fingerprint identification technology. Millet 5S price of 1999 yuan, millet 5S Plus price of $2299. Millet co-founder Wang Chuan released millet TV 3S, and brought a "artificial intelligence" TV system. Through large data analysis, millet TV artificial intelligence system can pick out the user’s favorite video content. 55 inch TV price of $3499, 65 inches priced at $4999. Liu De, co-founder and vice president of millet. Surging news reporter Yang Xinjie figure two millet executives in bringing their own new products, no less ridicule competitors products. Lei iPhone 7 apple just brought about. Lei Jun said that in early 2016 released millet 5 using four axis optical anti shake camera, from iPhone 6S to Plus iPhone Plus 7, are still using the two axis optical image stabilization. Millet 5S equipped with a large iPhone 6S Plus sensor 59%, single pixel light is iPhone 6S Plus 161%. Millet 5S equipped with SONY’s largest cell phone camera photosensitive element IMX 378. The main screen iPhone 7 cannot press down the button Home button has also been Lei tucao. Apple said iPhone 7 Home button using solid state button design, I pondered for a long time, what does it mean? Later learned that the original is not down, was fixed." Lei Jun said. Millet 5S plus uses a 5.7 inch large screen. Millet Lei Jun said the market for map, in the fingerprint recognition technology is based on the sale of mobile phone, unlock password images (divided into optical fingerprint and the fingerprint to unlock, unlock the capacitor) is easily damaged, but also easy to fade. Millet in October 2014 project ultrasonic fingerprint project, in August 2015 the first part of the 5 ultrasonic fingerprint identification of the completion of the project to complete the assembly, but because of power consumption and misuse of the problem, can not be reflected in the millet body of the 5. Until June 2016 to break through the relevant technology, millet 5S was able to successfully use ultrasonic fingerprint identification technology. From the surging news reporter to experience in the black state, need only gently on the fingerprint box, without pressing, can suddenly unlock. However, no mention of millet 5S Lei Jun, Plus".相关的主题文章: