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Leave travel in case of blocking the five Sichuan high-speed go National Day travel has become a trend, relax the mood, broaden their horizons, do not feel the same local customs and practices. Do you like to travel, plan a trip? Perhaps you are ready to drive, perhaps you plan to take the train, the Chengdu business daily will continue to collect all kinds of road conditions and service information for you, may wish to take a look at the door. High speed free run freeway for 7 or less (including 7) passenger vehicle toll free time for the October 1st 0 to October 7th 24 city limit line in October 1st (Saturday) to October 9th (Sunday), Chengdu does not implement vehicle tail number limit line measures on September 30th in the afternoon and evening peak travel, October 1st morning peak return in October 6th and 7 afternoon and evening yesterday, according to the National Day travel advice: try to avoid the traffic police in October 1, 2, 6, 7, 8 pm to 11 pm, 16 PM to 19 PM two peak hours in traffic while the choice. Extended reading: 30 pm, on the morning of 1 Sichuan will welcome the National Day holiday travel peak of Sichuan high-speed traffic police prompted the National Day holiday please avoid the peak hours of Iasi high-speed traffic control from tomorrow until the end of October, the National Day holiday is not limited to climb high speed highway 310 due to landslides, interruption of national self drive Lijiang to ask the road of National Day travel costs Chengdu traffic group of 51 normal speed trains opened WIFI bypass plan a, G5 Beijing Kunming high-speed Chengya: Chengya Expressway Chengdu section to qinglong. Round line: 1, Chengdu starting from the choice of vehicles Qiong name can also choose a high-speed bypass; San expressway, Pujiang to Chengdu to Leshan high speed; 2, the direction of the vehicle can choose the big road to Shuangliu, Xinjin speed. 3, the direction of Chengdu in Chengdu to Qinglong period of congestion, please choose the Xinjin Railway Station, South Station to station shuangliu. Go into the big road, two large road to Chengdu. Two, G5: chengmian chengmian Jingkun high-speed high-speed Qingbaijiang to Xindu road. Round line: 1, Chengdu starting from the choice of vehicles into a double track high speed traffic; can also choose a (gold) green fast track, and then to Qingbaijiang high-speed, 2, from Mianyang return vehicle in Qingbaijiang, or under high speed from Xindu station (gold) fast green channel to return to Chengdu. Three, G42 Shanghai Chengdu Expressway into the south section: into the south high-speed Chengdu to justice and sections. Round line: 1, the Southern Expressway to Suining, Nanchong direction of the vehicle, can choose from gold fast channel, through Jintang to export to Huai Cheng Nan highway. 2, from Chengdu (Pakistan), into high speed, can be selected by the Jintang toll station on a high speed through a green gold dunums fast passage to Jintang. Four, G76 Xiamen Chengdu expressway section of Chengdu Chongqing: Chengdu Chongqing high-speed Chengdu to Longquan Lake road. Round line: 1, Chengdu starting from the choice of vehicles as a simply fast channel bypass, can also go on Jackie Chan avenue to Jane fast channel to stand on the high speed disc. 2, to the direction of Chengdu Ni相关的主题文章: