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The development of laser TV, is the definition of the core technology of Sohu, 1 cars in the future – TV back home entertainment, let the radio glow second spring; the development of the Internet, also let TV glow second spring. Television is returning to the core of family entertainment. My daughter from birth to now, whether it is pictures or video, are directly pushed to the TV, the three generation watch together, this time is the day when the most joy, but also unite one family the best time, all of the photos or video talk with a funny. Often go back to the TV cloud to compare the previous photo video. Over the past 4 years, has never. Coupled with the appreciation of film and television drama, watching variety shows, call TV video phone, home shopping…… Compared with a few years ago, the utilization rate of home TV is getting higher and higher. All this, and the era of radio and television has a different nature. Gehua, it can not renew. As one of the largest family screen, television is not only a family entertainment center, is also becoming a smart home control center. The evolution of the Internet era to the era of intelligence, the use of television may be higher and higher. 2, the big screen TV noble obstacles – too expensive screen over the years, the TV has a change in the trend of the two, one is getting bigger and bigger, one is getting thinner. How big is your house? 50 inches? 55 inches? Would you like to have a bigger TV set to enjoy a home theater? Think about it, but the high price prohibitive? That’s right! In fact, we all think so. Since the use of TV at home is getting higher and higher, I have a factory to look forward to, is apple. I have heard of the TV into the Apple Corp’s vision, but there has been no Apple TV news. Several times, there is news that Apple TV will not make the TV because the screen is too expensive, and these screens from Apple’s competitors. It is reported that in a TV, the screen costs accounted for more than 80%. As a result, the price of Apple TV is entirely dependent on its Asian competitors: Samsung and LG, so this is not the reason Apple TV has not. We know that when the TV screen is bigger and bigger, the price is not in proportion to the growth of the screen, but the geometric growth. When the screen is 80 inches or more, the price of TV is expensive. Big screen TV noble obstacles, because the screen is too expensive. Obediently, screen costs accounted for more than 80%, how to do? 3, laser TV is the future time and again, laser TV play. In 2014, the domestic TV mainstream brand Hisense released 100 inch laser TV its independent research and development, the use of ultra short focus projection principle, equipped with VIDAA operating system of its own, video, games, education, polymerization, shopping and other online resources, leading color TV industry began to "no screen TV" era of transition. First, the price really down. Take the 100 inch TV distance, the current market mainstream brand of laser TV price is still as high as Liuqiwanyu yuan, but with the same size of liquid.相关的主题文章: