Lanzhou road collapsed again, this is the entrance of the provincial government (Figure)-borderland

Lanzhou road has collapsed, the door is in the provincial government (Figure) collapse site according to @ Lanzhou morning news: Jiuquan province collapsed in Lanzhou city government Gate Road northbound, the area police have rushed to the scene to set the alarm, to remind drivers in the past Caution. Earlier reports: Zhangye road pavement collapse, Gansu governor instructed Lanzhou to identify the reasons for August 23rd, Zhangye road after the collapse of the road, causing great concern. Zhangye road collapse of the road. The same day, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Lin Duo in the provincial government office of Gansu Province on duty information (404th) made important instructions: please Lanzhou City Department, find out why. Timely repair, pay attention to public opinion reply". Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Li Rongcan at the same time to make instructions: please Lanzhou Provincial Department of construction guidance to identify the reasons for the collapse of the area to study the remediation program, and other areas of the pedestrian street investigation to eliminate security risks." In this regard, the Lanzhou municipal government requirements quickly convey to the relevant departments of counties and enterprises, attaches great importance to the ideological, to take effective measures to act quickly. According to the recent Lanzhou city more precipitation, Metro Line 1 and other key projects to implement the situation is still tense, giving top priority to conduct a thorough investigation of the drainage system for the city to find the problem thoroughly, loopholes and weaknesses, and strive to the spirit of the important instructions of provincial leadership implement, implement. It is understood that after the collapse of the road accident, Lanzhou city news office to respond positively to the media and social concerns. Lanzhou released on the same day at 18:28 Sina released the Lanzhou Road, Zhangye Road, the collapse of the municipal government to quickly dispose of a text, a positive response to micro-blog fans on micro-blog. 18:38, Lanzhou, published in today’s headlines published a paper entitled "Lanzhou Zhangye Road, the road collapse occurred the municipal government to quickly dispose of" news network in Lanzhou; China around 18:30 by micro-blog, WeChat, headline No. platform, "" Lanzhou Zhangye Road, the road collapse occurred Commission municipal government to quickly dispose of the article "the full range of forwarding. After the accident, the Municipal Construction Bureau, the municipal management office and other organizations to deal with the rapid rescue forces on the collapse of the water seepage problems in the area of pumping operations. At present, the group of experts on the scene of the accident investigation, the accident of road collapse region is 25m, width 3.5m-9m, depth 3.0m-3.5m. Zhangye road collapse of the road. The main reasons for the collapse: first, due to the Zhangye Road underground pipeline backfill is not dense, frequent collapse of the construction area, underground pipelines and other factors, resulting in sudden collapse of the road surface. Two Zhangye Road Pedestrian Street rain sewage pipe leakage. The three is the Zhangye Road Pedestrian Street rainwater channel deformation, leakage, loss of soil around the underground pipeline, causing local cavity, and the 22 day and night, dump heavy rain, the intensification of the subgrade soil erosion caused by the collapse of the road. The surface subsidence area and rainwater and sewage pipelines and communication line repair process, combining expert opinions, the municipal government in charge of the leadership requirements: one is to seize the time, immediately organize backfill operation, ensure the safety of underground pipelines. Two is the implementation of the sewage pipeline, repair broken and damaged electric channel. Three is the scientific construction, to ensure the quality of the full restoration of the road. Four is the Zhangye road section of the region using geophysical exploration methods.相关的主题文章: