Lanzhou open collapse mode 3 6 days 5 people were injured in the collapse (Figure)-g227

Lanzhou open collapse mode? 3 days 6 collapse 5 people were injured (Figure) in the original title on a main road in Lanzhou City: the main city of Lanzhou for 3 consecutive days 6 road collapse this morning, a main road in Lanzhou City, collapse, collapse to form a diameter of about 3 meters about 5 meters deep pit, a running bus stuck in the middle of the road, the driver opened the door, the passengers safe transfer. According to statistics, for 3 consecutive days, the main city of Lanzhou road has been the emergence of different degrees of collapse of the 6, resulting in many people injured and damaged vehicles. After the investigation of some of the collapse is due to rainfall and road construction after the backfill caused by the false. Police tip: after a rainy day when driving to meet water surface subsidence, to avoid, to avoid accidents. (CCTV reporter Liu Longma) August 23rd at 2 pm, Lanzhou Road Pedestrian Street near Town God’s Temple, a large area of collapse of the sidewalk near the. August 23rd to 25, Lanzhou City, the collapse occurred in 6, resulting in a total of 5 people were injured. 24, Lanzhou city announced the 23 Zhangye road pedestrian street of the main cause of collapse occurred: one is the result of the Zhangye Road underground pipeline backfill compaction, subsidence section construction of underground pipelines is frequent, intensive and other factors, caused by the sudden collapse of pavement. Two Zhangye Road Pedestrian Street rain sewage pipe leakage. The three is the Zhangye Road Pedestrian Street rainwater channel deformation, leakage, loss of soil around the underground pipeline, causing local cavity, and the 22 day and night, dump heavy rain, the intensification of the subgrade soil erosion caused by the collapse of the road.相关的主题文章: