Lang Ping walked into the campus to guide students to play volleyball volleyball

Lang Ping walked into the campus to guide the students to play volleyball admits fewer people Lang Ping and the little girl together (the picture from the Lang guide micro-blog) "our volleyball population is less and less, the popularity of volleyball should start from the campus." Yesterday, dressed in red sportswear Lang Ping into the two Shanghai campus in former disciple Zhu Yunying’s company, personally to guide the students to play volleyball, with practical action to support the development of grassroots volleyball China. In the afternoon, Lang Ping first entered the Shanghai Shaw primary school, immediately caused a sensation. Here, from Shanghai Zhuyunying Sports Development Co. Ltd., the coaches are for the students on the volleyball class. Lang guide looked very carefully, and after the training of the students’ movements were reviewed and guidance. "When you’re a little digging, squat down, rather than in the belly," to see the children’s action is wrong, Lang guide to correct the strict in demands. "I remember that when we play, including the sports school, can see some children playing (volleyball)." Accept morning news reporters on the sidelines, Lang Ping said, "now that (children) to read, I think that physical exercise should be encouraged, especially volleyball this emphasis on team sports, should be encouraged." In Lang Ping’s view, primary school students do not necessarily have to become a professional volleyball players. Lang Ping repeatedly stressed to reporters, we say the three balls, not a professional concept." "We are a group of activities, the children participate in this campaign, are very positive, and keen on teamwork, so that the child’s growth is also good." She went on to say, now many families have only one child, back home to the grandparents, mom and Dad, I think the children have to learn how to get along with peers, teammates. Volleyball is a project that must be matched with a few teammates, in addition to exercise willpower, overcome difficulties, but also learn how to get along with children." Shaw left primary school, Lang Ping nonstop and Zhuyunying together into Shanghai YK Pao school. Here, Lang received a warm welcome, and watched the students training and competition. "I’m very supportive of Zhuyunying began to spread from the campus volleyball." Lang Ping said. In the reporter asked, why are optimistic about the small, Lang said, first of all small (Zhu Yunying) she likes it very much, and special enthusiasm." It is reported that last year Lang Ping privately encouraged Zhu Yunying, should do something for the development of volleyball. After that, he made up his mind to set up a sports company named after him, and sent a coach into the campus to provide students with a high level of volleyball training. At present, the outside world can renew the Chinese women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping a different opinion. In an interview with reporters, although Lang Ping did not respond positively to this problem. However, from her special trip to Shanghai, and into the campus of the move, Lang guide very much hope that the campus volleyball model can be extended to the country. Then Lang Ping said, "I think we should spend more time doing it." (morning news reporter Xu Ming)相关的主题文章: