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Lang Ping back to his alma mater for two thousand speech commitment will be built – in women’s volleyball of Beijing Normal University Beijing newspaper news (reporter Liu Xu) yesterday, the teachers’ day, Beijing Normal University ushered in a special guest, alumni Lang Ping returned to his alma mater, making a report for more than 2000 teachers and students, this is the debut of the Rio Lang Ping. The foreign languages department after thirty years sister Alma mater, dubbed the "goddess of the national students". Lang Ping also promised to build the future of the Beijing Normal University Women’s volleyball team. At 2:30 in the afternoon, dressed in a white shirt and black pants, casual Lang Ping time appeared in the Qiu Jiduan stadium, came in the moment, the audience as a concert like boiling! In 1986, the "iron hammer" retired into the Foreign Language Department of Beijing Normal University majored in English, meeting, Beijing Normal University students shouted "foreign sister, national goddess, Lang Ping should not laugh" coach will win the title of goddess". The report will be held in the Chinese women’s volleyball team to commemorate the video and the cheers of the teachers and students of Beijing Normal University, the venue can be seen everywhere holding a red flag, red face stick classmates. At the beginning of the speech, Lang Ping said he did not adapt to the first report, admitted that he would be very nervous. To return to the alma mater of excitement, she bowed thanks to his alma mater, the teachers are very care of her 26 year old students, teachers often give me something special, they support and help, so I can speak fluent English, to lay the foundation for the "international Lang", then I also learned italian." For the first time on the Olympic gold medal history, Lang Ping is familiar: "for this purpose, we prepared three years. Every year, every quarter, every month, there is a detailed plan, with a high concentration of special training to achieve our goals. Of course, now we look back, the goal has been achieved, but the road is actually very difficult." She also spoke against Brazil on the eve of the enemy, in advance to buy a ticket home for the worst, "I asked the assistant secretly see the ticket home, training field at that time has not expired rented home, the more awkward, everyone kept simmering!" Speaking of attitude adjustment, bold Lang Ping said: "a few days after the start, particularly tough, we still do not have to adjust the state at that time, the 5 lost 3 games, is really abuse the heart ah! I can feel the girls back to honor the past one, a little afraid of the tiger and the wolf before, leading is not practical, behind the more guilty." Lang Ping said: "in the face of this situation, to play a" balloon fight ‘, to get rid of the burden, look back is the abyss, must look forward, to achieve the jedi." In 2015, Lang Ping added a new director of the Lang Ping Center Sports Culture and policy of another identity, Beijing Normal University, "Lang senior" became "Lang Lang, director of" teacher "". At the end of the speech, Lang Ping proposed a new plan for the future, "bjnu women are, but not with women’s basketball, women’s volleyball team, I am ready to build women’s volleyball team in Beijing Normal university." She also advised us to take time every day to exercise more: we are doing their best to walk on the road to achieve their dreams, I think this is the spirit of the women’s volleyball team. Do your own every day, what is the result? It may or may not matter because I did my best today. Very much hope that the students long相关的主题文章: