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Kunling suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome child plan was forced to postpone the Sohu maternal according to Taiwan media reports, yesterday Kunling attended a child activities of the press conference, when asked if she had a second child plan, she said she had "polycystic ovary syndrome", lead to hormonal imbalance, so as to affect the child plan. Before the pregnancy due to menstruation is not smooth, accompanied by Jay Chou to see a doctor, after examination found that the uterus has polycystic disease, his face grew a few small acne, fortunately, the condition has not been affected. Today she issued a document on micro-blog said, "a doctor told me I was very nervous, because the situation is not very understanding, but slowly with my pharmacist closely? The solution ‘polycystic’ problem, in fact many women have this situation, but as long as the movement don’t give less late at night too much pressure on yourself, will gradually improve." What is the cause of this disease? Why have such a big impact on pregnancy? For you are pregnant mother, and how to prevent treatment? Polycystic ovary syndrome: a common hormonal problem in women, the incidence rate is 6%, which is a high incidence of disease. The reason for this is not clear, it is known to have a relationship with the constitution, genetic, there are some typical symptoms will appear. In the female secondary sexual characteristics begin to develop, can be observed in polycystic ovary syndrome patients with irregular menstruation, body hair will increase the central, but the hair is relatively small, and even bald, may also have a moustache on the face. Due to polycystic ovary syndrome will secrete male hormone, so the patient will show the appearance of male sexuality. Polycystic ovary syndrome patients in the ultrasonic inspection, will be found on both sides of ovaries of many follicles (containing eggs), these are about the size of 2 ~ 8mm, each side about 10 or more ovarian follicles, and the emergence of a chain like symptoms can be diagnosed with polycystic and polycystic ovary syndrome. Abnormal ovulation affect the normal pregnancy to ovulation, there will be a group of follicles (about 10) slowly mature, the best of the follicles out of the egg. Polycystic ovary syndrome, there will be a lot of small follicles but not mature, and finally there is no eggs, lutein enough for endometrial thickening, but small follicles secrete male hormone, so it becomes a vicious spiral: no lutein, endometrial cannot thickening, will not have normal menstruation, but secretion the male hormone and affect the body’s sexuality, like hairy performance. Because patients with abnormal ovulation, occasionally a long row, no menstruation or menstrual blood for a long time, is rarely, menstrual mess, more serious, May 3 to June without menstruation, the uterus is lack of hormone stimulation, there may be shrinking phenomenon. The eggs are small and not fixed, coupled with poor uterine environment, therefore, polycystic ovary syndrome is also one of the reasons for the pregnancy is not easy. Pregnancy can be added to the hormone polycystic ovarian syndrome because it is a physical problem, it is difficult to have specific prevention methods. Oral treatment.相关的主题文章: