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Korean investigation Cui Shunshi daughter backdoor   then people’s Park to step down — rally people.com.cn Guangxi channel — people.com.cn original title: Korean investigation Cui Shunshi daughter back door again rally called on people to step down Park comprehensive report, with the continuous fermentation of South Korea "close the door", Han Guomin will hold all the requirements of the fifth round of ousted President Park Geun hye the 26 day rally. Organizers predict the rally will have 2 million people nationwide, the scale will be greater than the third round of rally. It is reported that this range can be extended to Seoul Qingyun hyoja District Resident Center, Chong Wa Dae is only 200 meters from here. However, the court will be in place at the end of the assembly and the procession is limited to sunset. In addition, the South Korean local requirements have appeared in the park down the banner, the lights of Inchon also hung with "park to step down, you should know!" The words of the banner. It is reported that South Korea Democratic Party, the Justice Party and some civic groups making banners distributed to the residents, let the hanging on the balcony. On the other hand, the South Korean President cronies intervention door principal Cui Shunshi daughter Zheng Youla suspected the back door into the Ewha Womans University, during the reading to accept all kinds of special care, South Korean prosecutors 25 commissioned by the Ministry of education began an investigation of 17 people involved. 17 people involved in the survey include comprehensive college Ewha women former president Cui Jingji, former dean of the new industrial Ewha women Jin Qingshu. Last year in sports students entered Ewha women enrolled Zheng Youla in the admissions process, and after school studying process suspected by all kinds of special treatment, the South Korean Ministry of education for the special prosecutor confirmed a number of suspects is indeed a fact. The Ministry of Education said, Ewha women allowed to carry Cheng illegal Euler gold into the interview room, no justification for absence in case of Euler Zheng still give credit. The Ministry of education requires Ewha women dismiss entrance’s former director of Nangong Kun and new industry college dean Jin Qingshu. 22 this month, prosecutors in the president’s office, Ewha women admission office of director, Professor of chamber to participate in enrollment, and former president Cui Jingji to search the home after the relevant staff summoned for investigation, the investigation is still in progress. (Xu Jinwen, commissioning editor Chen Lulu)相关的主题文章: