Kija stranded at the airport shelling Airlines (video) fear of Miss World contest splitit

Kija stranded at the airport, airlines fear Miss World contest shelling kija map kija called Alfa dog personality like his chess move synchronization consistent with high Tencent sports in November 5th 19 year old chess world champion kija today not calm the. Tomorrow will have to appear in Langfang to participate in the inaugural World Cup in the new Austrian cup, but also because of flight delays stranded Kunming airport. This time they went to Kunming in November 4th, is the 17 go round, kija effect is the Yunnan team. But feel very tangled, Yunnan’s home court in Baoshan yesterday, the CITIC Weijia league team Beijing home court, CITIC Beijing will be located in Kunming home court the doings of ghosts and gods. Occupation players flew to participate in international competition, it is a normal thing, but recently the kija too dense schedule. The early morning of November 3rd 3 points, Ke Jiecai and CITIC Beijing team from Inchon to Kunming in the fine light, just the end of the Han Guoru City Samsung Cup semi-final, kija beat Li Shishi 2-1 finals, is also the girder fine light 2-1 victory over teammate Fan Yunruo. Yesterday, the Yunnan Weijia League, team based in Kunming road "in kija led 4-0 to win the first got on the scoreboard Weijia CITIC Beijing, take the League six game winning streak. CITIC Beijing team, finally did not arrange the appearance of the girder fine light. Because of the heavy fog multiple flights continue to cancel the players scheduled last night flight to Beijing were told. But it is said that Tuo Jiaxi et al., change another airport last night flying off first. Kija screenshot micro-blog kija and Yunnan team mate, decided to change a plane back to Beijing early this morning. Last night they were still kija coach of the Yunnan team under the leadership of Qiu Jihong, in the Xiaoju Baita road. But I did not expect is that early in the morning arrived at the airport, until the afternoon did not know can not fly. Kija wrote: "micro-blog stunned in IMHO China Southern Airlines is a waste, other airlines posted early on China Southern Airlines canceled flights, but has been said can fly off time not sure today is alive but you give a good time? It can also change to other places, now don’t be able to change now. According to the current developments may be canceled today. Our team to participate in the new Austrian cup has three people, it is not the beginning of the game to break the loss of China’s top three? It is also the big check slip chess!" In fact, there are three players because in Chengdu to participate in the last round of League Weijia also failed to take off. May be the influence of Ke Jie is still relatively large, he issued shortly after the micro-blog, the person on the other side of the hair micro-blog broke the news has been notified can board, Ke Jie also immediately removed the contents of these complaints micro-blog. However, the latest disclosure of the latest micro-blog Ke dynamic said: after a day and a night of waiting, and finally boarding. Bring the latest news and Ki: after negotiations, South Korea refused to postpone. It is the National Center of the universe. I’m sure I’ll be there." The new Austrian cup is the latest Chinese funded sponsorship of a new world go contest, the winner prize up to 2 million 200 thousand yuan. The first new Austrian cup 64 strong draw in tonight, 42 contestants Chinese players, kija and Zhou Ruiyang)相关的主题文章: