KGI securities Guo Mingji apple is developing a wireless chip-k-boxing

KGI securities Guo Mingji: apple is developing Sina wireless chip technology news Beijing time on September 7th morning news, Apple Corp’s upcoming iPhone 7 intelligent mobile phone local time in the United States in September 7th, the new analysis of the supply chain according to KGI securities analyst Guo Mingji revealed that the company is developing a wireless chip similar to Bluetooth, this chip is likely will be used in the new wireless headset. The previous research report released in Guo Mingji, U.S. technology blog 9to5mac has reported earlier this year that the Apple Corp is committed to the development of wireless headset before the new iPhone release, is expected to be the first to remove the 3.5 mm iPhone mobile phone headset jack. KGI added, compared with the Apple Corp’s Beats brand, the headset will be more high-end market as the goal. The report said: "we believe that, once the Apple Corp launched its own brand of Bluetooth headset, the company will put the headset on the localization of Beats in the end of the market, the purpose is to make a double brand strategy through its profit maximization becomes. We also believe that the Apple Corp will have similar to Bluetooth communication chip of their own design, this is because it is in power, communication specifications and Bluetooth headset shipments may be rapid growth and other issues have higher requirements." KGI securities in this report does not confirm that the Apple Corp is planning to introduce this new wireless headset while the release of iPhone 7, and plans to launch at a later date. Earlier this month, said leaked information, Apple Corp plans to release a new version of the iPhone at least a series of Beats wireless headset products. It is not clear whether the Apple Corp plans to sell a headset with the new iPhone 7 bundled; if the answer is yes, it is not yet known what the company will tie the headset. In addition to the Apple Corp is committed to the development of wireless headset rumors, and reports and claims to be leaked news that the new headset will use the Lightning interface of the company or Lightning to 3.5 mm headset adapter, to connect the current models of EarPod headset. (Tang Feng)相关的主题文章: