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Kelly Lin Hsu Chi: I wish you a birthday wish for the early birth of twins – Kelly Lin entertainment Sohu make a wish of Kelly Lin and Hsu Chi Sohu entertainment news October 31st news, according to Taiwan media reports, Kelly Lin 29, over 43 years old birthday, her husband Yang Chen (Chris) bestie and Hsu Chi teamed up for her birthday, Hsu Chi took the cake and let her surprise. "Hsu Chi lied to me to leave Shanghai, the following 2 days suddenly help my birthday, really touched people," Kelly Lin said that since a few days ago has met with Hsu Chi, Hsu Chi said that he left Shanghai, did not expect the following two days of birthday, with a big cake for Kelly Lin, while Chris is holding two piece of cake to sing Happy birthday song, nauseating shout wife "sweetheart", the result was Hsu Chi Tucao: "my big cake than Chris prepared two pieces and" sincerity "." Kelly Lin wrote: "received a surprise at this age, is like a family friend, the friendship can be maintained for so long, is not an easy thing. And I should have had, and can be the birthday of the two favorite people (Chris and Hsu Chi), as well as close friends together, I feel very happy." Kelly Lin also put one birthday wish to Hsu Chi, "I hope Miss Lin (Hsu Chi) early pregnancy, Chris was born booing" twins ", did not expect Hsu Chi to Kelly Lin about his overweight regeneration, has not been pregnant, but if there are children, hope to help take care of Kelly Lin, Kelly Lin heard very helpless:" I want to take care of the child? Good ~ ~ ~ mood helpless, but also readily agreed.相关的主题文章: