Kardashian curse +jr did not renew the Cleveland Cavaliers really suspended (video)-jinshen

Kardashian +JR Smith curse not renew Knight defending really hanging a team of NBA film: Knight James won final redemption like Mike holding Jin Knight defending everything, they prepare for work behind the biggest rival warrior. Tristan · Thompson is busy and Kohler · Kardashian love, soon caused a non. Gossip media broke the news, in order to Thompson and Kardashian together, is to abandon the pregnant ex girlfriend. Whether it is true or not, as long as Thompson continues to be with Kardashian, he is doomed to be harassed by the news. Odom and James did not escape the curse, Thompson what are used to break the curse? J.R. Smith and the Cavaliers have not signed a contract, will definitely miss the next Knight Mini camp. J.R. Smith’s agent Ricci · Paul did not even dare to ensure that his clients can catch the formal training camp since the end of September. In contrast, the warriors, spurs and other giants do not have these troubles, they prepare for everything in good order and well arranged plan. Jiangshan easy to keep the land difficult, Knight’s tour is really difficult to defend. Kardashian curse fear to reproduce the Kardashian curse may have begun to bite, a Kardashian family woman destined to get into trouble, you have to be immune to all kinds of lace scandal. Henry Vries took the gold · Kardashian, threw in a diamond ring worth $2 million, in exchange for a 72 day marriage, divorce after he became wan-looking, court low-spirited. Odom fell in love with Kohler · Kardashian, frequently appeared in TV programs, affects their own state, between two skelter, Odom to fall. James season and Kohler · Kardashian Kardashian in the same communication, curse, team rocket was originally a decline, the impact of the champion team, won eighth regular season first round playoff. Tristan · Thompson Kardashian and Kohler · communication has a great deal of courage, take a risk in the Kardashian curse. They are like the plot development is a very episodic TV series, first in the nightclub was photographed one after the leave, then found out together, and then they began to have a holiday in Mexico, holding hands, hugging photos. Further the plot, Thompson met Kardashian’s mother, Thompson came and Kardashian may want to get married. And then there’s Thompson and Kardashian on the internet. The Kardashian family is good at the show, using a variety of speculation makes their reality show keep high ratings. To this end, they will be several gold · Kardashian, Kardashian Kendall, Kohler · · Jenna spare no effort making lace news. Kim · Kardashian had enough married rapper Kanye, gave birth to two children, no longer manufacturing scandal, but had to wear a costume from time to time of exposure, the show in front of the public. The main force of the Kardashian family speculation scandal became Kohler · Kardashian &mi and kendall.相关的主题文章: