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Juventus VS dynamo Zagreb Preview: mangiu against old club [] looking at Zagreb Juventus against old club Diener eco Zhu Man Giulia Kikki against old club sports Tencent in September 26th Beijing time 2:45 on September 28th, the 2016-17 season in the Champions League second round group phase, Juventus (website data) Tucci game against Dynamo Zagreb. Man Giulia Kikki, who was against his former club, has 1 years of the Champions League win of the season for Juventus will first win the Champions League and work. Tencent sports video games will be broadcast live, please pay attention! 1 races, the Champions League 1 years thus suggested Juve win the first two teams have failed to win the first round, Juventus and Seville home court goalless draw, and then Dinamo Zagreb away 0 3 lost to lyon. The two teams had never had a confrontation, Juventus had only played against the 1 Croatia team, 1979-80 season, the European Cup Winners Cup 1/4 finals, Juventus 0 0 draw with Rijeka. Juve nearly 3 Champions League win, draw in Seville, Bayern after defeat to Borussia Munich, a Champions League win in September 16, 2015 2 to 1 victory over Manchester City (data). Although the road and has 3 consecutive Champions League win, but Juventus coach Allegri has called out the slogan of victory. In the face of the weakest group of opponents, Juventus must take three points. 2, whether the winning line coaching dynamo Champions League group phase first home court, Dinamo Zagreb 2 to 1 victory over A Senna (data), then the two home court are lost. This is the Zagreb dynamo since the 2000-1 season, UEFA Cup second round 1 to 0 victory over Parma for the first time since the home court against the Italy team, nearly 3 times the home court against Italy team, Dinamo Zagreb unbeaten. After 2 to 5 negative Yuliyeka, Dinamo suffered streak of the competitions, coach Kranjcar resigned, caretaker coach Supic led his unit to 5 to 0 victory over the locomotive. The face of strong Juve, dynamo will also for the Champions League victory and efforts. The 2 season of 3, Man Giulia Kikki Pia Ca played against old club dynamo, who observed 92 appearances and scored 28 goals and qualification for the Champions League this season game against the Valldal River, who had observed the penalty may open two degrees to help the 3 to 2 win over dynamo, who observed July 21st for Juventus have played 4 times. Man Giulia Kikki was in 2007 to 2010 to play for the Zagreb dynamo, 128 appearances, scoring 63 goals, and won three league titles in Croatia. Two people who will not only against old club, will also face Carych, Anto Ricci, Les Yanukovich national team teammates. In 4, Gonzalo Higuain again broken dynamo 2011-12 Champions League group phase against dynamo, Gonzalo Higuain Bernabeu had a goal and two assists to send. After the 5 season, again against Dynamo pipita. The last time Gonzalo Higuain in the Champions League race broke in December 12, 2013 home court against Arsenal in the Champions League, an away goal is in Real Madrid in December 7, 2011 (data) 3 to 0 victory over the battle of Ajax. This is Juve even)相关的主题文章: