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Juvenile cerebral palsy chaiduo burn point Dad: save the baby, is not his fault. "Mom, too painful, save me." Listen to the sound of a son for help, Zhang Hongbo xinrudaoge. "I was firewood stuck, I want to use the torch burning firewood light I can go out." This is the idea of Zhang Hongbo’s 15 year old son, Wang Yu. In October 9th he got into the house near the firewood pile, then ignite firewood caused large area burns himself down. His thinking is different from ordinary people, because he suffers from congenital cerebral palsy. Shenyang Kangping County, because it is a busy season, Zhang Hongbo and her husband busy with the harvest, because the weather is getting cold to pull his son into the cold, put him alone in the house. Wang Yu can’t walk, usually by wheelchair. After his parents left, he could not stay at home, he moved to the wheelchair and left home. He did not go far, even with a wheelchair into a straw near home, resulting in his wheelchair caught firewood trapped inside get out. Wang Yu has a 10 year old sister, found that his brother was not home soon after he was found, the little girl to make every effort to push his brother’s wheelchair, get a little sister bother to leave his brother left. Seeing it in the afternoon, Wang Yu was very worried, he turned to a lighter in a wheelchair, lit their firewood stuck…… Smoke billowing up, the villagers found a fire, but also found trapped in the fire of Wang Yu. Four or five villagers rescued him from the fire, unfortunately, Wang Yu waist pants and shoes are all burned, stuck in the body, as black as. Overnight, Zhang Hongbo and her husband will be sent to the Armed Police Corps Liaoning hospital rescue. "The child aches, always told me to bear, want to go home." Zhang Hongbo looked at lying in bed cry out with pain son could not wipe the tears. Zhang Hongbo said, although Wang Yu congenital cerebral palsy but not completely, "silly", usually talk with family, neighborhood Laoke will do, but also simple addition and subtraction, especially good memory, most of the people in the village phone number, adults can’t remember him remember all. Just a few days before being burned, they have been taking the children in the rehabilitation center of Liaoning province rehabilitation. Wang Yu legs 30% area was severely burned, the most serious parts reached four degrees, the hospital next week in preparation for the implementation of skin grafts for him, but a few million yuan surgery worry Zhang Hongbo couple. Zhang Hongbo is a main source of income to rely on home a few acres of farmland, slack when Zhang Hongbo husband will go to the site to work. The hands of more than 10 thousand yuan of savings, so that just out of rehabilitation treatment out of this thing, the day of the accident is still a neighbor to borrow $3000 to the hospital, but the blink of an eye." All the people in the village for Zhang Yu donations, a total of 30 thousand yuan to raise money have been spent. "The child is sick, and the ignition is not his fault, we can not look at the child died, if we give up treatment, he will soon be infected, fever, can not live long." Yesterday, Wang Yu’s father, said Wang Jinlong, the site will be able to do his work, but not afraid of hardship and tired, as long as someone can pay to save the child, I would like to work debt." Men’s Hospital in the middle of the night abandoned cerebral palsy相关的主题文章: