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Just want to play super efficient James sharp break playing silly – Sports Sohu > en bide; > data point shooting record comments Beijing time on October 9th, NBA preseason fierce fighting, the veteran, Lebron James – the superstar is not the purpose of fierce fighting, and most of them are to warm up. However, James Wong in Cleveland against 76 people in pre-season, even if it is to play, play super high efficiency! James in the game played only 17 minutes, 8 throw in 6 high efficiency 15 points, plus 4 rebounds and 2 assists and 2 steals the show. As the team’s star leader, "James" even in a short period of time before the season match, have showed their dominance. Although the 76 men after embid de comeback, which is inside a great security, but James in the face of the young center is to give a blow. The first section of the game James attack desire is not particularly strong, the whole section of the game only scored a goal, but with 76 people in the first bite the score, and start the second quarter James two tentative CIC is not after he was apparently angry, mad began attacking the basket. Fourth, his sharp break beat Nebid in the basket bottom up against did suck. In the middle of the second quarter, James in Le Fu ball was quickly cut to the basket, "Eros" eye ball a send, after James got the ball quickly rushed into the basket score. After 76 people began to guard James, but Le Fu and James once again staged a play, and after James met Le Fu’s pass into the basket bottom, facing 76 people inside the defense en bide layup again. Although the performance of the game Nebid is good, but he is famous for the inside of the defense is only in the well-being of the body to show up, forced to happy 7 vote in the 1. However, James’s sharp break, or let the defense capability to en bide tore a large hole. This is no solution in James on the basketball court, even in the preseason play, have to play to the domineering. (time)相关的主题文章: