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Julie and Peter: the marriage is over but the road to charity is not going to stop – the charity channel’s passion for philanthropy has brought them together to get married with Julie! It is estimated that a large group of people do not believe in love. According to foreign media reports CNN, Angelina ·, Julie and · Pitt has been this week, the court has filed a petition for divorce, requiring the custody of their 6 children. The reason is that she and Pitt are divided on the issue of their children, the abuse of marijuana, alcohol abuse, and Pitt’s emotional problems. Julie said there is "irreconcilable differences" between the two men, one family was happy now on the dissolution of the road, marvel. Unlike most of the big Hollywood stars, Julie and Pete together, perennial insist on doing charity, they support gay marriage, adoption of children in Africa, co founded the charity fund, the screen works gradually less, more and more public philanthropists in front of people. Julie has said that two people are keen on philanthropy is one of the reasons why they come together: "we know each other after the discovery of a unified goal in life. We have a common concern, but in a different way. When it comes to our common goal — the rights of orphans and orphans — we support each other." Charity has access to a war zone she never hide girls fall through a transformation under the influence of the mother, once the dark and violent obsession, to drugs, bisexual, m, stimulate your nerves, but when Julie was in the lowest point in life when her mother gave her the greatest tolerance and support. She told the media that he would become the most active philanthropist in Hollywood, and adopted three children, it is out of the mother’s influence. "She helped me become a mother, helped me become a better woman, and taught me to face death calmly." Her charity began in 2001, when she was filming in Kampuchea to witness the Khmer Rouge left traces of war, great surprise. "The trip to Kampuchea was a turning point in my life." She said. After returning home, she took the initiative to contact the UNHCR, and hope to visit other war areas. In February of the same year, Julie participated in UNHCR’s humanitarian activities in Sierra Leone, Tanzania. In March, Julie returned to Kampuchea, condolences to the Afghan refugees in Pakistan, and donated $1 million, this is the highest number of refugees was received individual donations. The United Nations immediately decided to appoint Julie as "goodwill ambassador". So, Julie bravely provoked the ambassador of the beam, devoted, as far as possible where the bullets fly, will run to where. Then, she went to some war-torn countries such as Haiti, Mar, Kosovo, Lebanon, Sultan, Sri Lanka, visited refugees, and calls attention to the tragic situation of refugees. In the humanitarian work, Julie always with a diary, write down between her and the United Nations staff motivational talks, and the bitter experience of refugees, and her refugee camp in what one sees and hears..相关的主题文章: