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Jin Yong sued the South eat melon masses argument "fan fiction is not infringement?" Sohu culture channel recently, Hongkong writer Jin Yong (Cha Liangyong) will be the best-selling author of Jiangnan (Yang Zhi) on the court, accusing the latter "the youth" violated its copyright. Jin Yong asked to stop publishing, issue of juvenile here, and compensation for economic losses of 5 million yuan, as well as the rights of the cost of RMB 200 thousand yuan. This is the second in 2005, Zhuang Yu v. Guo Jingming novel "dream whispering" plagiarism "quanliquanwai"; in 2014, after the TV series "Qiongyao v. Yu Zheng" plagiarism "palace lock Citylink Meihua Luo" and a nationwide discussion of infringement cases. But this time with the first two to plagiarism as the focus of the different, the point of the public debate is that people do not count infringement". The success of Japanese people market, but also not formed in 2000, during the 23 year old Jiangnan in the United States began to read Bo college website "the youth" series, after several changes finally in 2002 published the complete version of the novel, has four versions, accumulated more than one million sales. Jiangnan so best-selling author promotion ranks, nearly two years he is with the fantasy novel "dragon", "nine? Recorded" repeatedly boarded the misty series of annual writer rich list, 2015 royalties total revenue amounted to 32 million. The success of Jiangnan as a writer really starts from the book "the boy here". So, "here’s how to get into a lawsuit?" The crux of the problem lies in the name of the characters and the relationship between the characters. Novels in the Song Dynasty Jiajing years as the time background, location in the north as a template "Bianjing University", the debut of the character is Qiao Feng, Guo Jing and Linghu Chong, in the University and their contemporary young people have what different. Guo Jing and Huang Rong is because the understanding of a field bicycle accident, but this bike is the Department of chemistry teacher qiuchuji down, Yang Kang and Munianci from middle school students is, Nianci on Yang Kang’s unrequited love for years to no avail, the final choice of the person is Peng Lianhu…… This setting can be judged is a combination of "Jin Yong" the legend of the Condor Heroes "The Legendary Swordsman" as "fan fiction". The novel refers to the use of the original comics, animation, fiction, film and television works of the characters, the plot or background settings and other elements of the two creative novels. People in Japan industry is relatively mature, have publicly issued Doujinshi, the creative team for human societies, it is worth noting that some famous business groups such as the CLAMP (writer Guo Jingming’s novel "-" was suspected of plagiarism in 1989 "," early comic tradition) by colleagues societies began. Although people pushed for the advanced market, but the Japanese fan works like most countries are in the danger zone of the original copyright infringement, most of the original author for the authors of fan emotional tolerance, just because these two people can really drive the original sales spread. Even if the majority of authors remain cooperative or retain the right to sue, but the Japanese market last year is almost finished. The reason is that the United States led the Pan Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP), the agreement?相关的主题文章: