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Jilin province big ice industry a number of listed companies to benefit from sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money Securities Times reporter Sun Xianchao recently, the Jilin provincial government officially issued "on the implementation of the views of" ice industry bigger and stronger, this is the first time to place the name of the government issued the ice industry to implement the views to the outside world to see the development of ice snow tourism industry in Jilin province and lofty ideals and high aspirations. All along, the outside world often referred to the ice and snow industry, the first will think of Heilongjiang. To this end, Heilongjiang province has also been regarded as the domestic ice industry "big brother". In the "opinions" issued, with a view of the Heilongjiang province snow industry "leader" status will face a strong challenge in Jilin Province, Jilin province and Heilongjiang Province, or the fierce competition in the snow and ice industry. Jilin’s ambition to VS blueprint for Heilongjiang in September 27th, the Jilin provincial government officially issued the "opinions on the ice industry bigger and stronger". Jilin Province, made clear in the "opinions", promoting ice and snow sports venues and facilities, built 1 – 3 world class ski resort, 2 – 3 Asian first-class ice skating hall, to achieve domestic equipment manufacturing breakthrough, built a large area of Changbai Mountain and Changji City 2 snow industry gathering area in the country; first built up reception over 1 million people in the world class ski resort complex, focus on the construction of 2 international tourist resort town of snow and ice and snow tourism town series. To 2020, implementation of ice 100 million tourist trips, tourism revenue 230 billion yuan, the formation of "snow in Jilin" high awareness of the brand image, to Jilin province into China ice industry big province, the province and the world class ice snow tourism destination, ice snow industry has become a strategic pillar industry to boost the overall revitalization of Jilin the old industrial base. "Opinions" after the introduction, I read the contents of the first time in detail." The domestic well-known ice industry experts Zhang Guihai told the Securities Times reporter.E company, it should be said that the development of ice industry target of Jilin province is very great, and there will be a number of government departments involved in the future implementation of key process is mainly to solve the problem of development path. According to the securities times.E reporter, attention to the ice and snow industry is not just Jilin, as a neighbor of Heilongjiang province for the development of ice and snow industry is also extremely important. In Jilin Province issued "opinions" before the morning of September 21st, vice secretary of Heilongjiang provincial Party committee, Heilongjiang provincial governor Lu Hao hosted the special meeting of the deployment of the ecological health of Mohe County Town, ice and snow tourism endowment project construction. Then in September 23rd, the crown of snow 2016 Heilongjiang tourism (Japan) promotion will be held in Tokyo, japan. Heilongjiang province has the world’s largest ice festival and the world’s largest Snow Sculpture Art Carnival, but also well-known, far and near Snow Village in Heilongjiang Province, these are the resources quality. Jilin Province in recent years, the development trend of the ice and snow industry is very fast, and Heilongjiang has also developed a new engine of the ice and snow industry to create a new engine of economic development相关的主题文章: