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Jiaxing Haiyan housing mortgage assets such as these you activate in Haiyan Baibu Town victory village village on a small building style row upon row of array. Qian Xuefeng, the winner of the village is taking advantage of the spare time to work in their new home in the finishing of alloy parts. Qian Xuefeng’s victory is the village of Haiyan County Land Transfer pilot village, the whole village in 2013, money in the Xuefeng village house built. The completion of new homes, stable work, sons and daughters, a small day money Xuefeng is very moist. However, money is essential to Xuefeng head "strive for further improvement, buy alloy parts, the whole family is free of packaging and sales. "Although it is my sideline, but every year to sell about 200000 yuan of goods, income is still a lot of it!" Qian Xuefeng told Xiao bian. Qian Xuefeng’s "small business" is now on the right track, but at the beginning of the day, he really as "start-up funds" made a sad. "The house was just made, and it was tight." Qian Xuefeng said that this time, the village cadres to wake up. "At that time, I suggested to him that the use of residential mortgage loans." Zhong Xuegen said the victory of village cadres. Originally, there is a special for the rural "three rights" "agriculture through" and "farm house", "agricultural stocks through other financial products, farmers can respectively use their own land contract management rights of rural land usufruct of collective assets, equity as collateral loans to rural credit cooperatives. Qian Xuefeng asked, the interest is relatively low. In 2015, Qian Xuefeng got the land usufructuary warrants, their home is 90 square. "For me the loan is’ house ‘, is to use our family homestead usufructuary warrants as collateral loans to rural credit cooperatives, I will provide the relevant materials, to apply for a loan of 250 thousand yuan." Qian Xuefeng said, 3 days, the money hit my account." It is with this start-up funds, let Qian Xuefeng a day over the more prosperous. Wu Fengsheng, a 60 year old villager, looks younger than his age. Since their land transfer to four southern Carpathian farm, he hired in this farm. "A fixed income of nearly $3000 a month on the farm, and the work is familiar to them." Wu Fengsheng said. Wu Fengsheng’s original 8 acres of land, all the hard farming, only income 8000 yuan. "Now I have all the circulation of the field, the annual transfer fee will have only 10000 pieces." Said Wu Fengsheng happily. "Not only did the income increase, but also the people relaxed. Last year, our family in the village point to build a new house, and now we are like people in the city, more than 5 points every night to start eating dinner, life is very leisurely." Wu Fengsheng said. The above mentioned two farmers have benefited so much, it has to be said that the sea salt Rural Credit Reform of the three powers. Said so much, three powers in the end is what the three? Three: the right of farmers’ land contract management rights, farmers homestead usufruct, rural collective assets stock right. Farmers can use these three rights to carry out (quality) charge, in order to achieve property rights, expand financing channels. What is the effect of the reform of "three rights" in sea salt countryside? The right to work basically completed.相关的主题文章: