Jiaozuo a car owner to go to the gas station refueling was broken blood flow-remonstrate

Jiaozuo owners go to the gas station was first broken blood received friends broke the news: eight points yesterday morning, Wanfang bridge west of Sinopec gas station, a gas station refueling customers were employees hit head broken and bleeding…… According to the crowd about: at that time, the owner of the gas station refueling, refueling and not enough staff questioned the gas station caused by conflict, finally evolved into the gas station staff hit by several armed. Witnesses said, "sticks are broken."". Due to mass alarm, 110 and 120 arrived at the scene of the accident successively. Picture the scene: the injured head broken and bleeding, barefoot sitting on the ground 120 rushed to the gas station for treatment of the injured! The incident on the west side of the square bridge Sinopec gas station Xiaobian said: "we confirm the truth.". But one thing: in any case, gas providers, gas station customers. So yiyanbuge gang fights, customers will play what should belong to the head broken and bleeding, what behavior? The batterer must be severely punished and let them know that the law is used to punish those who do whatever they like and trample on the bottom line of the law. Including beating others at will. But the "gas station refueling" is not enough, but also must arouse the attention of relevant departments, and to identify. So it involves the interests of too many owners. We’re looking forward to the final results.

焦作一车主去加油站加油 被打头破血流接到网友爆料:昨日早上八点左右,万方桥西侧中石化加油站,一名加油顾客被加油站员工打的头破血流……据围观群众讲述:当时,这位车主到加油站加油后,质疑加油量不够与加油站员工引起争执发生冲突,最后演变成被数名加油站员工持械围殴。有目击者这样形容:“棍子都打断了”。由于有群众报警,110、120先后抵达事故现场。现场图片: 伤者头破血流,赤脚坐在地上 120赶到加油站,对伤者进行救治! 事发万方桥西侧中石化加油站小编有话说:我们确认事情真相。但是有一点:无论如何,加油者,就是加油站的顾客。如此一言不合就群殴,将顾客打得头破血流,这到底应该属于什么行为?打人者必须受到严惩,让他们懂得法律就是专门用来惩罚那些为所欲为、践踏法律底线的人的。包括随意殴打他人。但,车主口中的“加油站加油不够”,也必须引起相关部门的重视,并予查清。因此事牵扯到太多车主的利益。我们期待最终处理结果。相关的主题文章: