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Jiani Zhang American birth nickname "OK" last year to get a low-key [Abstract]9 evening, Jiani Zhang drying out a photo on micro-blog, a little baby in the picture of the hand put "OK" gestures, quietly lying on a pair of big hands. Jiani Zhang wrote: "OK, with you I have the world." Micro-blog. Jiani Zhang and her husband Tencent entertainment news October 10th news yesterday, seems to be a good news times of the day, all the good news style community, marriage marriage, pregnancy pregnancy. The first is Angelababy finally relent admit pregnant, Huang Xiaoming together with the promotion of parents. Then the badminton star Lin Dan’s wife Xie Xingfang was photographed pregnant, due in November, two people will be married first baby in six years. But did not think the most surprising is the actress Jiani Zhang, "no big things", ran to the front of all the people, even before the formal wedding, the son has been born. Jiani Zhang low-key birth nicknamed "OK" last year, Jiani Zhang was her boyfriend out of the loop for the successful suitor, two people said this year is expected to hold the wedding. But I did not expect a step ahead of the wedding, it is the crystallization of the two people love. 9 evening, Jiani Zhang drying out a photo on micro-blog, a small baby’s hand in the photo put out a "OK" gestures, quietly lying in a pair of big hands. Jiani Zhang wrote: "OK, with you I have the world." Then Jiani Zhang husband to buy Super forwarded the micro-blog, confirmed that the family came to the new members, and disclosed the child sex, is a boy: "welcome to the small handsome guy ~ my wife will be half of you". Jiani Zhang’s friend said to the media, Jiani Zhang is currently recuperating in postpartum soon: "now getting busy learning when new mothers in. But I would like to share with you the joy of the first time, thank you for your concern." While the baby’s name is called "OK", the friend said that the baby was happy parents said, because the baby is a wonderful day for my mother put a "OK" gesture, they were captured, so just as he played this lovely nickname. April Fool’s day has been sent to the sun according to the user to send blessings: also a wedding! Jiani Zhang and over two people to buy the feeling has been very low-key, two people last year in the media and friends didn’t notice any case, quietly took out a marriage license, confidential work is in place. However, users still have to see from the daily update two of the clues, although not publicly wedding, but the two figure photo triggered wedding guess, and in April 1st of this year, Jiani Zhang drying out a pregnancy photo, and wrote: "four months", although later proved to be in the play the role of pregnant women but, beyond all expectations is the first half of the year after Jiani Zhang and Tim, so users can refer to God synchronization". Now the couple became a family of three, netizens have also sent his blessing. "Goddess quietly when she was too surprised, congratulations!" "Congratulations, I always like you, I hope you can be more and more happy." "Zi Ling first found her now the expend Yun fan, a guardian angel." More users to buy Super dad shouted: "baby has been sent a perfect wedding."相关的主题文章: