Jiangsu to greet the snow snow stopped tonight vidalia

Jiangsu to greet the snow tonight snow stopped yesterday morning, friends was the snow figure shuabing. The first snow this winter, Jiangsu is the first to meet in Lianyungang and Xuzhou. Although only a thin layer, but enough to get you excited. During the day, the snow under the greater snow ground gradually. The white snow softened the city corners, everything becomes soft, like smart ink. Jiangsu around the buddy in the process of real-time broadcast of snow girl. 14, Luhe also turned to sleet weather, snow city in the middle of the night. Jiangsu weather forecast, the snow will tend to end today. However, for most of the day in small to moderate rain and snow, snow is very considerable. In the snow in the office is not new, it is said that in the first snow advertising success rate increases. Buddies, this year’s first snow, you go and who? Nanjing temperature 24 hours a decline of over 10 DEG C snow is romantic, if not always accompanied by strong winds, cool is better. Yesterday morning to go out, a lot of people were frozen and cool, and a long haired girl, divided into "Mei Chaofeng minutes". According to Jiangsu meteorological monitoring, Lianyungang West Island to measure wind speed 20 meters per second, the 8 winds, this is every minute was blown to heaven the rhythm! In most areas of Jiangsu is about 6 wind. The night, cold. Walking in the air, hands are frozen, ears also feel to be frozen out. According to the forecast, the first to suffer from cold wave attack in Huaibei, yesterday morning temperatures appeared "big diving". Xuzhou Fengxian County minimum temperature is only -2.4 degrees, while the low temperature region in the south of Jiangsu is 14 degrees, the north-south temperature up to 16 DEG C. Then, the temperature fell step by step, Nanjing at 6 in the morning the real time temperature of 7.9 degrees, 5.4 degrees at 10 in the morning, 16 only 3.5 degrees celsius. But the day before 16 when the temperature is 15 degrees Celsius, is more than 10 DEG C. The cooling speed, not wearing long johns, don’t wear a jacket, really can’t bear. Tomorrow morning the lowest temperature will rise slightly at -5 today, the temperature will continue to decline. Jiangsu provincial meteorological station 16:53 on November 22nd icy road yellow warning signal, is expected within 24 hours, Xuzhou, Lianyungang, Suqian and the northern region of Huaian will have an impact on traffic roads. Modern Express reporter learned that, when the surface temperature is below 0 DEG C, plus the precipitation, the road will be frozen. Traffic and public security departments in accordance with the duty to do road icing preparedness. This morning, driving out the buddies also pay attention to the road, driving safety. Try not to ride a bike, easy to slip. Huaibei area buddy to prevent ice slippery, other regions should also pay attention to the safety of travel buddy, outside the rain or sleet, the ground is quite slippery, do not rule out some sections, such as highway, viaduct, small intersection with a partially frozen condition. So, to work on the way to school still have to be careful. Early today and go out, try to take public transportation. Jiangsu weather forecast this morning, the Huaibei area is only -3 degrees Celsius, the southeastern region about 5 DEG 2~3 DEG C in other areas. The C

江苏多地迎初雪 今夜雪渐止   昨天一大早,朋友圈就被雪景图刷屏。今冬初雪,江苏第一个迎接的是连云港和徐州。虽然只有薄薄的一层,但已经足够让大家兴奋了。白天,雪越下越大,地面也逐渐积雪了。白色的雪软化了城市的棱角,一切都变得柔软起来,像灵动的水墨画。   江苏各地的小伙伴也在实时直播雪姑娘的进程。14时,南京六合也转为雨夹雪天气,城区半夜也下雪啦。   江苏气象预报,此次初雪到今天就趋于结束了。不过,白天大部分地区雨雪量小到中等,雪量还是挺可观的。在雪地里写字已经不新鲜了,据说在初雪日告白成功率会增加哦。小伙伴们,今年初雪,你们和谁一起看的?   南京气温24小时降幅超10℃   下雪是浪漫的,如果不总是伴随着大风、降温就更好了。昨天一早出门,很多人就被冻得透心凉,而披着长发的姑娘,分分钟变成“梅超风”。江苏气象监测显示,连云港的西连岛测到了每秒20米的风速,即8级大风,这是分分钟被吹上天的节奏啊!江苏其他大部分地区也是6级风左右。   而晚上下班回家,更冷了。在风中走了一会儿,手被冻僵,耳朵也感觉快要被冻掉了。根据预报,最先遭受寒潮袭击的淮北地区,昨天早晨气温就出现“大跳水”。徐州丰县最低气温只有-2.4℃,而江苏南部地区低温却在14℃,南北温差达16℃。随后,气温步步下滑,南京早晨6点的实时气温7.9℃,上午10时5.4℃,16时只有3.5℃左右。而前天16时的气温是15℃左右,相差超10℃。这降温速度,不穿秋裤、不穿羽绒服,真的扛不住。   明晨最低-5℃ 气温将小幅回升   今天,气温还要继续下降。   江苏省气象台11月22日16时53分发布道路结冰黄色预警信号,预计24小时内,徐州、连云港、宿迁和淮安北部地区将出现对交通有影响的道路结冰。   现代快报记者了解到,当路表温度低于0℃,再加上降水,道路就会结冰。交通和公安部门要按照职责做好道路结冰应对准备工作。今天早上驾车出门的小伙伴们也要注意路况,安全行驶。自行车就尽量不要骑了,容易打滑。   淮北地区的小伙伴要防冰防滑,其他地区的小伙伴也要注意出行安全,外面有雨或雨夹雪,地面还是相当湿滑的,不排除部分路段,比如高速公路、高架桥、小路口有部分结冰的情况。所以上班、上学路上仍要多小心。今天早点出门,尽量乘坐公共交通。   江苏气象预报,淮北地区今晨只有-3℃左右,东南部地区5℃左右,其他地区2~3℃。而最高气温全省也只有2~6℃。   不过,全省最低温将出现在明天早晨,淮北地区-5℃左右,有冰冻,东南部地区1~2℃,其他地区-2℃左右。   熬过明天早晨,气温就开始缓慢回升了。后天,全省气温就会到零上,沿江苏南高温也回升到10℃左右。   雪过会天晴吗?   目前来看,今夜雪渐止,明天全省是多云天气。   后天又会转阴,淮河以南地区局部有时有小雨。  (徐岑)   南京三日天气   今天 白天阴有雨夹雪或雪,雨雪量小到中等,夜里多云,偏北风6级阵风7到8级,0~4℃   明天 多云,有薄冰,-2~7℃   后天 白天多云,夜里阴有小雨,1~11℃相关的主题文章: