Jiangsu more than seven hundred enterprises to carry out interrogation investigation in enterprises-winpm

Jiangsu more than seven hundred enterprises to carry out the "interrogation in enterprises" investigation recently, the provincial Commission Office organized 13 research teams to the municipalities and districts to carry out inquiry in enterprises "research, involving 715 companies, of which, the world’s top 500 55, the province’s revenue over ten billion yuan of 42 enterprises, the province’s private enterprises 72, 100 strong 220 high-tech enterprises, other enterprises 326. "Face to face with the administrative examination and approval service object, is to put the quasi business investment is not convenient, the masses is not convenient" pain point "and" difficult "and" block "is a breakthrough to deepen the reform of administrative examination and approval system to identify new, comprehensive deepening reform of the new bonus release". Provincial Office Director Yu Jun introduced, enterprises put forward many constructive comments will actively adopt. In the survey conducted a survey of all enterprises, and held 14 seminars, the reporter visited with the research group. Research, we unanimously reflect, since the new round of administrative examination and approval system reform, the approval time is short, the seal is less, less fees, intermediary less, less material, a strong sense of. However, decentralization and space and potential. Remove approval "stumbling block", enhance the enterprise investment intention of enterprise investment projects, often with market demand synchronization or even ahead of time, if the delay in the approval, the cost will not increase, lose the market. Decentralization relaxed for the enterprise, but still not very thirst. – project hope to reduce the license. 50.49% of respondents in recent years, the willingness of the investment, the length of time for approval, the number of items is very sensitive. Survey shows that the most important factor affecting the willingness to invest is the pre and post licensing matters too much, difficult to handle, such as pollution permits, production licenses, safety production license, etc.. Related to the approval of each other, should also seek truth from facts, straighten out as soon as possible. Northern Jiangsu, a photoelectric technology company reflects the environmental acceptance must be put into production to reach 75% in order to carry out, but only the environmental acceptance of qualified enterprises to get the production license, otherwise it can not be produced. – post items can also simplify the merger. Since the commercial system reform, 86.43% of respondents in Jiangsu registered company, we reflect, apply for business license is more convenient, but the effect of the reform after the first photo card is part of the post accreditation matters discount. For market access, the company believes that the most need to simplify or merge processes are registered by the Bureau of statistics, the public security departments to apply for carving Zhang Xuke, invoice qualification. Xuzhou, a new energy companies suggested that the social security registration, tax registration and other aspects into the one-stop acceptance, the public security departments in the government service center to create a chapter chapter permit window. At the same time, cancel the registration of statistics, from the statistics department to the business sector information system to obtain relevant information. – joint plans should broaden the scope of. The project has been approved, the company has registered, and has entered the construction process. 78.18% of respondents to a recent period of time for the construction project construction permit, we suggest that the Meteorological Administration, civil air defense, the figure should be canceled or merged into the Department of housing; sunshine analysis, mineral pressure evaluation, social stability risk assessment not all projects to do; construction projects for the pre-trial, the construction project issued by the examination opinions the book, program review submissions or advice.相关的主题文章: