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Jiangsu County Expressway   highway density in the provinces of the crown – people.com.cn Jiangsu channel — people.com.cn original title: County Expressway across the country for aerial density map shanghai Shaanxi Expressway Service Area of Yizheng. Xinhua newspaper reporter Wan Chengpeng photo visual center in November 28, 1996, Jiangsu’s first highway — Shanghai Nanjing Expressway opened to traffic. 20 years later, the Jiangsu expressway mileage has reached 4539 km, the highway density of up to 4.43 km and 100 square kilometers, ranking the crown of the provinces. From scratch, the province has achieved County expressway, a population of 100 thousand nodes and 30 minutes on high speed. Director of the provincial highway administration Song Guosen said, at present, Jiangsu has formed a "five vertical and nine horizontal Wulian highway network, the 14 seat Jiangsu section of the Yangtze River cross river channel, highway interface and other provinces reached 21, more than 43% of the highway are two-way 6 lane, in the hot metal air comprehensive transportation system, highway travel the share rate of up to 95%, which accounted for the highway trunk highway traveling 58%. In the first 5 years of the national highway maintenance management inspection, Jiangsu highway and ordinary highway total score ranked first in the country. For nearly five years, the Shanghai Nanjing high-speed traffic has exceeded 407 million vehicles, transport 1 billion 723 million passengers, the average speed is maintained at 88.6 miles an hour. "From four lanes to eight lanes, Shanghai Nanjing Expressway has been very busy, holidays section flows up to 180 thousand times, it is no exaggeration to say that if the traffic jams in 5 minutes, the car can be more than 10 km long line." On the evening of 26, is the duty of the Shanghai Nanjing high-speed highway in Jiangsu province transportation law enforcement corps Ninghu detachment second brigade staff Ding Peng told reporters. The Shanghai Nanjing high-speed opening 20 years ago, the service area can provide hot water, simple food, refueling service. Now the highway service area, Suzhou, Jinling fans duck blood soup time-honored Lu Changxing, cat feces coffee…… Like a living service city". 27 at noon, the reporter saw in the G40 Shanghai Shaanxi Expressway Service Area of Yizheng, Lu Changxin noodles stalls have been lined up, twenty or thirty yuan, you can eat authentic noodles, Soviet style shrimp burst noodle, Yangzhou specialty old goose. Next to the supermarket a lovely ice cream 4.5 yuan, 3 yuan a bottle of coke, with the city community supermarket shop price. Outside the service area, and fitness equipment area, let the occupants doing some exercise always on the move. According to the provincial highway network planning, a new round of China to 2020, our province highway mileage will exceed 5000 km. In the provincial government issued the "13th Five-Year" plan clearly, our province have opened Suzhou to Yangzhou expressway, Gaochun Xuancheng expressway, Yixing Changxin expressway, Liyang Guangde expressway, Xinghua Expressway to Taizhou Fu Xingtai, Suzhou Wuxi Changzhou South Expressway from Changzhou to Wuxi, Haian to Qidong, Liyang to Gaochun, Changzhou to Yixing expressway. Tin pass, Zhenjiang five peak, Nanjing five bridge across the river channel is under construction, planning and construction of Jiangyin, Nanjing, Shanghai – Chongming – Nanjing Nantong, Xicheng Jing, Changtai Guojiangtongdao etc.. (Lv Yan)相关的主题文章: