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Jeonbuk Obama – Sohu tourism colorful season is the warm wind blowing over, the most beautiful color gradually climbed up the branches. Gorgeous gold and yellow intertwined, in front of me showing a stunning oil painting. She is in Korea — Jeonbuk. The city is located in the southwest of South Korea, Jeonbuk is the seat of government, South Korea’s seventh largest city. Every time I travel, I hope I can see different things and experience different cultures. I don’t like crowded, but I prefer the quiet afternoon. When we went to lunch, we went into the unknown street. The clothing store next to, a strong sense of design, the price of clothes are not expensive, think of shopping malls in Shanghai, the price is really too hard, a cotton price tag 1080. And here, a very Korean style coat is about 500-600 yuan. Eat barbecue really is not attractive to me, then into pieces of pork, holding the camera out of the restaurant, a stroll up. This street is very few people, because the clothing style is located in the age of 20-30 years old, so many young people coming and going. Pick up the camera, Obama are fixed in my camera. Uncle waving greeted me with warmth of the street, at noon, white-collar workers are out for lunch. South Korean young people dressed in comfortable, slightly increased collocation, small accessories, the fashion style pressing youth. The Obama is also very handsome, this is our Chinese Wednesday Obama hao. Their clothing color is also black and army green. A young man wearing a casual sweater, all. In the street encounter a young Obama, and their pictures, they are very shy. Here is my overall feeling clean, the sky is blue, the air is very good. Building the color is very bright, everywhere a station a drama like Kacha, feeling. See the ground really clean, no one will throw a piece of paper. It is Saturday morning, not what people on the road, and the scene of great contrast to Shanghai this weekend People are hurrying to and fro. So I prefer the quiet city, suitable for life. This is the East market, the day has sold a variety of Home Furnishing supplies, at night a bustling night market. There are a variety of Korean snacks, many I have not seen, there are small things to sell, artists singing. Come here, all you need to do is take your mouth and your wallet. This black Egg Tart what is the material? So special. Lots of nice color uncle sing good voice. What is this transparent? Wow, seafood. We had a good dinner, so we didn’t buy one. Korean aunt is very rich ah, business is hot, everyone in the queue to buy delicacy. It’s all kinds of small mirrors! This seems to be the Deep-Fried Spare Ribs, seductive scent. More iron, fried things the night market, I love to eat the night light, so there is no buy to eat, go to the convenience store to buy a bottle of milk. This day is in a look, stroll through, some tired, but also very substantial. Here, I saw the South Korean local people the most conventional life, the product to the local.相关的主题文章: