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Japanese media: Dylan, a Nobel laureate, has a huge impact on the works of Haruki Murakami – News August 3, 2002, the performance of the festival in the music of the Sohu. In 1985, Haruki’s novel "the end of the world and the cold fairyland" won the Yazaki Junichiro prize and became the representative writer of the same period. The book is divided into two parallel push story, one of the cool Wonderland at the end of the car to go to the owner, the car around the sound of the songs played by Dylan and car rental companies to talk to female employees. In the final act, the hero listens to the song. "I closed my eyes in sleep, sleep in. Bob? Dylan constantly sang "showers"." What impressed the ending was Dylan’s music. Dylan’s name also appeared in the best-selling novel "the forest of Norway" in 1987. Linzi went to the hero, played several guitar pieces, including Bob Dylan, Chavez, Kal el.?? Gold, "the beach boys". Haruki set "music essay has no meaning there is no swing" also mentioned Dylan, as the iconic figure. He wrote in the text, there is a similar early Bob? Dylan, Joan? Like Baez more serious pop music genres; from the era, from the establishment of the Kennedy administration to the civil rights movement, and to the young people against the Vietnam War and political aspirations, is this kind of music’s strong support.相关的主题文章: