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James Huang denied Knight Trading without interference on the title for his teammates –   sports Sohu; Beijing February 16th, news from the U.S. media, Knight star Lebron – James earlier today in an interview, to the outside world about Cleveland trade rumors to be denied. In addition, Zhan Huang also hoped that the knight player can be ordinary, answers the outside rumor. As the deadline is approaching, there are more and more rumors about the trades among the media. As a big gossip producer in the East, knights are inevitably involved. Earlier today, a number of reports revealed that the Cavaliers were discussing a deal with the Celtics about bliss. At the same time, the team several role players — Mozgov, sweet Alpert and Della Vedova, has also become a potential trade partner. However, speaking of this series of rumors, the home star Lebron – James performance is very calm. In the opinion of Zhan Huang, these rumors do not have too much reliability, "these are false, and now I can only confirm and declare that these are false."." "Our team trade rumors, we don’t need to worry about things in this business alliance, you can control those things, those things you can’t control, you don’t let it bother you, over the years, I have been to a lot of experience from high school…… In the field of sports occupation, there are too many similar things, but when you’re focusing on what you can control, other things will go." Zhan Wong later added. In fact, the start of the season so far, the journey is still not a knight ride, they spent more than two months, to welcome back the full title lineup. But before, David Blatter’s class, but let James and the whole team once again in the cusp. Therefore, at this stage, James clearly hope to influence the trade rumors on the team can be reduced to a minimum, hope can be more attention on the knight into the title big industry. (Poirot) 詹皇全盘否认骑士交易 盼队友不受干扰专心争冠-搜狐体育     北京时间2月16日,来自美国媒体的消息,骑士当家球星勒布朗-詹姆斯今天早些时候在接受采访时,对外界有关克利夫兰的交易传闻予以全盘否认。此外,詹皇还希望骑士的球员们能以平常心,应对外界的流言蜚语。   交易截止日临近,媒体间有关各队的交易传闻自然越来越多。而作为东部的绯闻出产大户,骑士也不可避免的被卷入其中。   今天早些时候,有多篇报道透露,骑士正在与凯尔特人商讨有关乐福的交易。与此同时,队中几位角色球员――莫兹戈夫、香珀特和德拉维多瓦,也成为了潜在的交易对象。   但是,谈及这一系列传言,当家球星勒布朗-詹姆斯却表现的十分淡定。在詹皇看来,这些传闻并没有太多可靠性,“这些都是假的,现在我唯一能确认和表态的就是,这些是假的。”   “有关我们球队的交易传闻,是大伙最不需要担心的事情,身处这个商业联盟,你只能控制那些力所能及的事情,至于那些你控制不了的事儿,你也别让它来烦扰你,过去这些年,我已从中学到了不少经验……在职业体育的领域,有太多类似的事情,但当你把注意力聚焦在你所能控制的事项上,其他的事情也会顺其自然的。”詹皇随后补充道。   事实上,开季至今,骑士的征途依然不算平顺,期间他们花了两个多月,才迎回了完整的争冠阵容。但之前,大卫-布拉特的下课却让詹姆斯和整支球队再度身处风口浪尖。   因此,现阶段,詹皇显然希望交易传闻对球队的影响能降到最低,希望骑士上下能将更多注意力投入到争冠大业中。(波洛)相关的主题文章: