Jackie Chan donated 12 animals in Taipei the Imperial Palace first questioned the Taiwan side will b-ca1835

Jackie Chan donated Taipei the Imperial Palace 12 beast first questioned Taiwan will dismantle the Sohu culture channel in new network on 22 September, according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reports, artist Jackie Chan donated Taipei the Imperial Palace south hospital 12 Chinese zodiac animal complex products, raise questions. Taipei the Imperial Palace President Lin Zhengyi said on the 22, to determine the end of September 12 the first beast will be demolished, after the demolition of where to go. Jackie Chan donated 12 Chinese zodiac animal complex products, currently placed in the Taipei the Imperial Palace of the main building outside the square, since the show frequently questioned the "fake people". Lin Zhengyi said in the legislative department today, at the end of September to determine the demolition of 12 bronzes, mainly because of the art world that it is not a public art, collectors also believe that art is not enough, and the representatives are considered social problems such as local cultural workers is that should be placed in the cultural works, placed foreign cultural works some do not respect. Lin Zhengyi said that prior to the architect had asked whether the demolition will affect the construction of the Yao Renxi, the reply to the "no", that the 12 beast is only ornamental first. After the removal of the 12 animals placed in the first place? Lin Zhengyi said that the follow-up is still under discussion, this is not a collection of cultural relics, is the general property. As to whether the donor asked Jackie Chan’s opinion? Lin Zhengyi said, and did not wait until after the event to determine where to go, to be discussed and then inform.相关的主题文章: