It makes the funny Street launched the 2nd Anniversary viewing all the way (video)

It makes the "funny Street" launched the 2nd Anniversary viewing all the way Hunan dialect comedy "make it funny to the street" 2nd Anniversary stars VCR you are sitting on the couch eating snacks and drinks, to the TV laugh? If yes, you must be a sitcom fan. Are you almost ready for lunch, mom and dad are still watching TV, so you often fail to eat on time? Congratulations, your family must be the hardcore fan of funny street! Sitcoms have been popular among TV audiences in our Hunan. By the Hunan Dry Landscape Culture Communication Co. Ltd., Hunan, jointly build large daily Hunan dialect sitcom "make it funny to the street" ratings continued hot talk, it is also proved that the Hunan sitcom infinite charm and great potential. "Funny Street" since its launch in October 25, 2014, the daily ratings have been firmly in Changsha region at the same time the first, the market share first, can get such results, with the audience’s support, love, inseparable. By the end of the year, 726 episodes have been aired, the longest one in Asia, and will continue to play. Today is the 2nd anniversary day on the street with the street, make the vow to laugh more, to thousands of viewers. It is the character of Changsha people, but also the water and soil of Hunan. Eat bitter, PA was pretty, but also endure trouble people generally agree, for the people of Hunan imagine, if not the son awkward, the group behind the scenes comedy, where the power on?! Hunan famous playwright here, called the name of the actors are here, funny street, is a Hunan native culture products hatch mother. Under this matrix, more Internet programs tailored to local stars will come out, and the street stars will enter the public view with the southern comedy group. When industrialization and specialization, intends to shed entertainment scene today’s film and television industry pioneer concept was hidden in a local dialect comedy, and has 2 years of painstaking training. Tencent · Hunan large network as a dry landscape culture of Hunan regional exclusive cooperation network, will bring more funny to the street behind the scenes stories and wonderful drama for everyone, together to carry forward the characteristics of Huxiang culture, witnessed the rise of southern comedy! 2017 of the future, there will be more stars join in funny street, more wonderful plot waiting for everyone, 2017, we continue to laugh with you!

《逗吧逗把街》开播两周年 收视一路飘红 湖南方言喜剧《逗吧逗把街》两周年群星VCR 你是不是有坐在沙发上吃着零食、喝着饮料,对着电视哈哈大笑的时候?如果有,你肯定是情景喜剧的粉丝。你是不是有快到午饭了,爸妈却还在盯着电视,导致你经常准点吃不上饭?恭喜你,你们一家肯定是《逗吧逗把街》的铁杆粉丝!情景喜剧在咱们湖南,一直广受电视观众的追捧。由湖南乾景文化传播有限公司、湖南经视联合打造的大型日播湘方言室内情景喜剧《逗吧逗把街》收视率持续火爆三湘,这也证明了湖南情景喜剧的无限魅力和巨大潜力。《逗吧逗把街》自2014年10月25日开播以来,每天的收视率一直稳居长沙地区同时段第一、市场份额第一,能获得如此成绩,跟观众们的支持喜爱,是密不可分的。截止到目前,已经播出726集,播出了个亚洲第一长,而且,还会继续播下去。今天是逗把街开播两周年的日子,逗把街誓要把更多的欢笑,送给万千观众。口里逗把,做事从不逗把,是长沙人的性格,也是湖南这一方水土的气性。吃得苦、霸得蛮、耐得烦也是国人对湖南人的普遍认同,试想一下,如果不是这股子劲儿,这群台前幕后的喜剧人,哪里来的动力在坚持?!湖南有名的编剧在这里,叫得响名号的演员也在这里,逗把街,就是一个湖南本土文化产品的孵化母体。在这个母体之下,更多与本土明星量身定做的互联网节目将横空出世,逗把街的明星将以南方喜剧组团的姿态登录大众的视野。日播工业化、专精娱乐、棚内拟景等当今影视行业的先驱概念竟然蕴藏在这样一个本土方言喜剧之中,而且已经潜心磨炼了2年。腾讯·大湘网作为乾景文化湖南区域独家合作网媒,也会为大家带来更多逗把街的幕后故事和精彩剧集,一起弘扬湖湘文化特色,共同见证南派喜剧的崛起!未来的2017,将有更多明星加盟逗把街,更多精彩的剧情等待着大家,2017,我们继续陪您一起笑开怀!相关的主题文章: