It is Hitler’s vision, the public’s masterpiece, the ultimate value of the conquest of everything – 8l9840

It is Hitler’s idea, popular masterpiece, the auto – Sohu conquer all discuss the quasi heavy haze new car value yan. This thought is taking the technology flow, do not want to be classified as thriller, leading to many because the Hao brother buddy and give birth to psychological shadow. For example: in fact, this is not intended for the majority of fans Hao brother, heart health, Hao brother will in a later article full of positive energy to push many second-hand car case, to help you make up a heart wound. OK, here at the start of the period of the article. In fact, I think a lot of fans see the title shoes all had figured out the theme of the article is who. Yes, she is a combination of classical and adorable beauty — for the Volkswagen Beetle Car audience, I’m sure the eighty percent is for the yen value under the orders, and the remaining twenty percent is under orders for his wife. Don’t talk about the performance and configuration, by Yan Zhilai – your wallet seckill from the Volkswagen Beetle on their product positioning is very clear the modern beetle, with white cream, egg yolks, green turtle…… As many as eight colors to choose from, dedicated to the appearance of the party to create a purchase reasons. However, the beginning of the beetle is not a high value of the line, but the civilian economic route! The Beatles mention without mentioning its initial demand — the founder of soul painter Adolf · Hitler; if not this my brother in World War II behavior is against humanity, Hao brother think Hitler really could be a good president, because in his manifesto is a German: let every family has a car. Hitler put the ideal of a Volkswagen sedan summarized as: "the maximum speed of 100 kilometers, 100 km fuel consumption of less than 7 liters, carrying a family of two adults and three children, the price of not more than 1000 Mark, can be parked in the open air, the engine in winter antifreeze, easy to start." So, in the eyes of death watch head greatly, early orders of the Volkswagen Beetle was born in fear. October 12, 1936, three Volkswagen VW-1 sedan delivery on schedule. The most stringent conditions, 160 thousand km test, to prove that this car is technically amazing. The shell, with minimal drag, air-cooled engine maintenance, torsion bar independent suspension smooth traffic, vehicle weight of 650 kg, 26 horsepower, high speed, low fuel consumption. Unfortunately, the heads of state of the prototype circle greatly with a lot of money, then all went into the war, produced tens of thousands of cars only 630 vehicles into the civilian. Until the fall of Nazi, the British have occupied the Volkswagen factory, the Beatles began a tour of europe. At that time the beetle cheap, durable, strong and economic, so loved by the people, and the German public can become the first car companies, but also thanks to the beetle this explosion models of moisture. Look at the Beatles in the past is simply to stab the eyes of the blind man, Ho brother feel which car has not been?相关的主题文章: