It is god! Princess Mononoke elves discovered the apple press

It is god! "Princess Mononoke" elves discovered the apple press conference of the new generation of IPhone in the conference this morning, which is the local time on September 7th morning 10 held in San Francisco. In this conference, more fans found the new headset unexpectedly looking like Hayao Miyazaki teacher masterpiece "Princess Mononoke" the spirit of the forest. The movie "Princess Mononoke" the elf named sylvans. They are the symbol of the rich forest, their existence is the symbol of the earth full of vitality, is a special symbol of communication between nature and mankind. They are the guardians of the forest in the ghost princess, who can lead the way out of the woods. Is derived from the older tree elf. Wireless headset AirPods is Apple’s first wireless headset. When placed in the ear after the AirPods wireless headset will automatically start playing, and support for noise reduction. Gestures can be achieved with the Siri dialogue, a charge to support 5 consecutive hours of calls, with a rechargeable box can achieve a life of up to 24 hours playback, and support for multi device connection management. The new headset announced on the conference because there is no Bluetooth headset headset line, it is very easy to get lost. Netizens have dubbed the "day throwing headphones", it is true that there is no headphone headset headphones for some people who do not love to clean up is simply a disaster. More netizens sigh teacher Hayao Miyazaki is worthy of the masters. There are friends Tucao said, later Ghibli can be a Dryad around the headset, maybe more than the Apple Corp to sell.相关的主题文章: