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IT focus: the EU to apple day price ticket   apple –IT– tough response award review: August 30th, the European Commission ruled that the U.S. Apple Corp illegal tax avoidance in Ireland for 13 billion euros, the Apple Corp must be part of this tax return to the Irish government. This will be the largest since the EU opened after tax on the regulation of members of enterprise tax. The U.S. government’s involvement in this incident makes the business and trade conflicts between the United States and Europe increasingly prominent. In the EU to apple out of 13 billion euro ticket price actually, the Apple Corp tax avoidance problem is just the tip of the iceberg". According to the EU estimates, tax avoidance tax losses to the EU each year up to 70 billion euros. The EU may also follow up on Starbucks, Amazon, McDonald’s and other dozens of U.S. companies over the past year in Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg and other tax havens tax avoidance penalties. With > > > – Apple tough response to the EU ruling on the EU ruling, apple naturally can not accept, apple CEO Cook in an open letter to the matter said, Apple has become Ireland’s largest taxpayer, the largest U.S. taxpayers, the world’s largest taxpayer. With > > > – announced new initiatives: drops to the taxi sent express orders yesterday, announced nearly fifty drops of travel, taxi companies with more than ten deep North of Guangzhou Hangzhou City reached a strategic cooperation, will work together to send a single, traffic integration in intelligent aspects to explore, to upgrade the operation and management mode of taxi the taxi industry, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry, to improve the income and operational efficiency of the driver, enhance passenger travel experience. With > > > – Google is involved in the application called car market in a good step, leaf principal competitors in America taxi service market, recently launched a bit of wisdom (Waze) of the same application service. U.S. media 30, said the service operated by Google Corporation. Involved in the application of the car call service is considered part of the layout of Google’s traffic travel. With > > – "accurate" fraud come from? Individual behavior data by criminals tracking recently, Xu Yuyu has become the focus of the society, one of the key information in the case of Xu Yuyu is the personal information to get criminals, it is these leaked information to the 6 suspects to implement a "precise" fraud. With > > >   (next page; commissioning editor: easy Xiao, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: