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Software In generally any mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing .es down to elaborating ideas of what must be checked in the tested software product, finding and documenting errors utilizing allocated time and resources. It sounds simple, but modern applications are .plex, big, multifunctional systems. They may be used on various platforms, for solving various tasks. One can interact with them in various manners. All this creates abundance of paths. Endless number of test scenarios can be elaborated on their basis. Testers have to choose the appropriate scenarios for testing and discover all the serious problems of the system for a limited time, utilizing certain resources. Testers Always Face a Dilemma: 1. To proceed to testing activities right away, without any preliminary deliberations. 2. To elaborate testing strategy and plan before performing web site testing , desktop testing or mobile testing . A professional software testing .pany always wants its testers to think over the strategy and to elaborate the plan before beginning to test. The main argument for creation of a strategy is that it allows to gain deep understanding of the project, its peculiarities and possible weaknesses. This knowledge helps to streamline the testing process and to find out on what aspects to focus. Those, who choose not to spend time on planning, risk overlooking serious defects, as they count upon pure luck. One should keep in mind that each software product and each project is unique. Even if a tester is skilled and experienced, and worked previously on similar projects, there are few chances that he or she can execute testing qualitatively without proper preparations and planning. Furthermore, it turns that even wrong strategy is better than none. Its ok to change the strategy and aspects on which test efforts should be focused. There are cases when plans and strategies are altered for several times in course of a project. Even if the strategy is wrong, testers researched the project, considered various test scenarios. This groundwork is valuable and helpful in determining what to test and how much time to spend on different aspects of the application. Web site testing , desktop testing or mobile application testing can be .pared with a military operation. It has goals, allocated resources and time, different limitations and pressure. None military campaign is performed without careful planning and strategy, considering risks and possible .plications. Otherwise it will fail. The same is with software testing. That is why not a one professional software testing .pany starts testing works without thorough preparations and planning. 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