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Investment, return less, why Tencent WE conference? When the | technology Sohu Yang Junjun when people still for the domestic development of the Internet far exceeding the level of his country and the madman Mask was immensely proud, science and technology in planning "in ten years will be sent to mars." Although the Internet has largely eliminated the "asymmetric information", but for most people, to their own understanding of the world as a starting point are exempt from the behavior. This will cause many times, we are all "frogs", blindly arrogant but not knowing. This phenomenon is used to explain why the Tencent every year to do with their own is not much relationship between the WE conference is appropriate. Tencent is the most important of the year will have two, one is the Tencent’s Global Partner Conference, at this meeting, in addition to the Tencent will be announced open platform. In addition, will be released in all lines of business strategy, the release of some important products, such as WeChat’s small program, QQ social entertainment; another important will be WE, this meeting, the Tencent will invite top technology executives and experts worldwide to share the most cutting-edge technology. The strange thing is, the Tencent’s WE looks more like a conference by an association, or a platform made up of, should not be initiated by the Tencent as a commercial company — WE conference neutral color is quite rich, Tencent and investment companies are rarely occupied speaking places, try to avoid commercial nature. So the question is, why Tencent to do this and can not directly benefit the General Assembly? Is it really for the so-called "long-term concept of interest"? Before answering this question, we first look at what is the level of the domestic internet. China has the Internet, no technology frankly, the current level of development of the Internet in the country, many places have been more than a lot of companies, including the United states. These places not only reflected in the rising speed of Chinese – media have been reported in foreign mobile phone Internet is how cheating facts, nor is the rapid growth of domestic Internet derived business models, such as electricity, delivery, group purchase, taxi. In the upcoming eleven as an example, Chinese double eleven, Tmall hit 91 billion 200 million yuan proud record, but also for the electricity supplier promotional season of the "black five", the online shopping sales of 17 billion 400 million yuan. The Internet can be so rapid development, from two aspects of personal analysis: the first is the huge demographic dividend, the number of Internet users China early in 2008 ranked first in the world, is still in the growth. As of September 2016, China’s Internet users reached 721 million people, more than the total population of the eu. Such a huge demographic dividend, enough to make a lot of domestic Internet Co said, "Chinese first certainly is the first in the world", and this is why Chinese as a "wall" of the LAN, still can produce enough business model, and can be a healthy flow; second is the domestic traditional industries"相关的主题文章: