Interview with designer fan ran the dreamer is a free dream

Interview with designer fan ran: "The dreamer" is a free dream girl of the Tencent are an exclusive designer fan ran, explore together behind "The dreamer" with us. Tencent fashion: what is the theme and Inspiration of this big show? Can I share with you? Fan Ran: the theme of this big show is a girl who is free to dream. Freedom is a desirable realm, from a little girl, her vision for the future and longing for the image of women. Tencent: the fashion model makeup is also very special, but the head is a bow, what kind of links it to your theme? Fan Ran: Yes, this is the little girl makeup she was imagining a mature woman, she will become a very elegant future, very powerful inner strength of the female, however, she was still in a state of mind a little girl. So, we add some very sweet some colorful headband, but with a scarlet lips, is a woman with a little girl fantasies that they will become the image. Tencent are: you can see your recent season design is tend to mellow style, quite different from the style of the early more tough, what is the reasons for the change? Fan Ran: this may be a few years ago, with a baby as a mother, I found that the woman’s inner, in fact, is very big love, very soft and very powerful. So now we use a lot of sweet, beautiful elements to create a female image. Although she seems very, seemingly soft and fragile, but I think her heart is very hard and strong, is the power of vulnerability. Tencent fashion: what’s new this season in terms of fabric or craft? Fan Ran: we use the fabric more texture, jacquard pattern, some relief, as well as our own development of a paper like like fabric, it is bright and transparent, then it is very crisp texture, not like the general soft yarn. Tencent fashion: how long is this big show? What is your mood in the process of preparation? What do you think is the most difficult place? Fan Ran: this show is probably more than a month to prepare it. Since the beginning of time, we do not intend to show, then there is a temporary decision like this, so the beginning is the development of some of the more some styles of business, and later because of a show, it may fall into a reverie more, add some more some dramatic elements. Tencent fashion: according to your graduation from the Saint Martin has also been a period of time, so far, what do you think is the greatest impact on you, Saint Martin? Fan Ran: I graduated to now have 8 years, and I think the impact on me is the persistence of the dream, and the pursuit of their own perseverance, dedication and love. Tencent fashion: what is the most memorable time in London? Fan Ran: miss is no pressure, very free. Tencent fashion: what are the plans for the development of the brand? Fan Ran: there should be more shopping malls.相关的主题文章: